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His testimony before Congress is disputing president trump's claim that he was rebuffed in a bid to fill the post of FBI director special report molar testifies former special counsel Robert Muller takes exception to president trump's assertion that his report offers complete and total exoneration testifying this morning before the house Judiciary Committee the finding indicates that the president was not the president was not as cold exculpate and I have for the accident he allegedly committed Moller said under a justice department opinion he was not able to indict a sitting president as if he found a crime so Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler asked about the future and the department of justice policy the president could be prosecuted for obstruction of justice crimes after he leaves office is correct the wraps up this hearing and half an hour then takes questions from the intelligence committee at noon eastern time president trump meanwhile tweeting this has been a disaster for the Democrats I'm Michael Toscana closer to home city council meets today our bill Cameron will be there covering it all I mean over the council there all of them will vote on some new ethics proposals they include some restrictions on outside employment for the children and more power for the inspector general to investigate them to help the homeless and build more affordable housing there's a proposal for a March referendum it would ask you should like to raise the real estate transfer tax on million dollar plus homes from the current three quarters of one percent to just under two percent it's a big jump but mayor Lightfoot is almost on board and we have a different timeline in which we're gonna dress that we're gonna do this also in a slightly different way but I I think we can work collaboratively to get to the same place and the element will be creating a new committee to try to achieve a complete account of Chicago in the twenty twenty census bill Cameron never the less a may nineteen a woman was killed another person reportedly shot in a parking lot shooting in suburban Lansing it occurred in Torrance Janet last night the Lake County Indiana coroner's office confirmed an unidentified woman was killed in the shooting no further details have been released the circumstances surrounding the shooting also unclear an investigation still ongoing Chicago police investigating an attack on a teenage girl after cellphone video shared online shoulder being repeatedly struck by a group of on lookers were laughing police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi tweeting yesterday that the video is beyond disturbing to watch in this young girl deserves far better he says the video's been forwarded to the department's special victim's unit a criminal investigation is under way WLOS news time ten oh four.

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