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Going to talk about that. Also, we're going to hear from IRA expert Ed slot, who says Raising taxes on the wealthy could end up affecting all of us. But don't worry, my Canete and right Herbert are here. To help you grow Keep and distributor wealth and the most tax efficient manner possible. Ryan Herbert, How are you? Great to see. I know the tax conversation and never ends for you guys know it never does you no justice past week we're doing Tax reviews with a lot of our investment clients a lot of our financial planning clients talking about what happened last year, the changes we said we would do and yeah, time to start and acting those changes. So you know it never stops because taxes are always a thing. You know, Mike has that book. Nothing is certain, but death and taxes. You know, every single year you've got to do your taxes. You got to pay the tax man. And that is true. You got to pay the tax man, but you don't want to pay him any more than you absolutely have to does not make you any more patriotic. Mike and Ryan always talk about that as well. But Let's look at the market here because you know, we see our 41 k statements and our retirement statements and you know, thankfully there up and we're happy about that, Ryan, but the folks looking around we're looking around. We see what's happening overseas in Afghanistan. We'll see what's happening here and things just do not look right. Economist and strategist, Julian Emanuel tells CNBC that we are due for a correction what we saw during the month of July as the S and P 500, the NASDAQ were both advancing. We saw the volatility index Vicks advancing as well. Whenever we've seen that going back to the beginning of 2000 and 18, we were essentially weeks away from a correction. It's very normal to get This degree of a potential pullback. 10% perhaps even 15% not going to ask you if you if we're weeks away from a correction because nobody knows, But if we do have one what does a 15 a 10% correction due to someone's retirement plans? I mean, you know, I think it it certainly gives them pause. If You know, I was planning on retiring at the end of the year or January or April or may of next year. And we have a 10 to 15% correction. I think that that certainly would give People pause because, you know, suddenly I have 10 or 15% less money. You know if I hit that magic million dollar number that some people want to have an inside. Therefore, one case all of a sudden now, you know, I'm at 900,000 and Oh, wait. I have that silent partner. In the IRS and state of Maryland, where I'm going to lose another 25 to 30%. In taxes if I cash that in, so I think that that 10 or 15% correction while it's not a major drop in the market, because when they talk about corrections we're talking about. We have a pull back. You know that lasts a couple weeks, and the stock market continues on its course. And it eventually recovers. Because you know that that wise old saying that you always hear is the stock market comes back. It always does, or Stock market does 80 10% of the time, but I think that correction Would give somebody pause to retire if they don't have a plan in place, And that's really the biggest thing that I can suggest that I can recommend when people always ask, you know, I'm Couple years from retirement. About a couple months from retirement. What should I do? Well, you know the number one thing you should do is have a plan. Create a written plan. So, you know Here's what my income is going to look like in retirement. Here's what I'm going to do on a Tuesday afternoon in retirement, here's what we're going to do for long term care here is we're gonna do for healthcare. Here's how are Taxes are going to look, you know you want to have that plan. You want to write it down and you want to stick to that plan as best you can as you enter those retirement years. And if you want to find out more about how to create that financial plan so that you can Try to protect yourself against this possible correction that that a man you was talking about for the next five callers that have saved at least $500,000 or more for retirement. I want to invite you into our office. You know a special invitation to give us a call 866597 10 48 66597 10 40 sit down with Mike. Or myself personally and will help put together your very own comprehensive retirement plan. We're going to talk about your 41 k. We're gonna talk about your IRAs. When talk about income and retirement. We're gonna talk about your taxes, how we can help reduce the amount of taxes of Japan..

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