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For years ultrasonic sensors to measure the distance between the user and to this day in the object when we measure distance like ten centimetres fifty after trump dreaming thrace lovie no amount of liberation so to summarize when some object to sfor dirt the law will vibrate less if some object is near the lavi vibrate more and more and more and the glove is wall is like fingerless gloves say the fingertips are exposed say on the upper parts of the finger you have these vibrating mechanisms and they vibrate more when the glove senses that you're getting close to senate thing yeah that sought de mayo do only functional to just the main the all other for charity so recognising the faces detect emotions detecting of the callers protecting the silent intensity in the wrong and also some important features like violence childrearing connectivity read the house and horn environments then there are living unsought you've been hearing me a presentation of the glove because he doesn't have it hip partly because you get your refining the design instead in peace and that's great that's engineering it enact him and you eighteen years old and you've made this project you may be with 17 when you started on this young guns but yet to be doing this kind of staff at so is this now how you who your career will be you want to be an entrepreneur an innovator he added enterpreneur inventor atlanta founder or like some new the arcstar dubbed from serbia because i think it's very important to five made this and they know i can made lots of other teams that this is just something that tie will earn enough money and put.

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