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What was the show was she oh my god almost all your shows no no no mm to norman lear trivia we've got three experts it was a terrific show was very proud of it wasn't a hit memory lose poker and did it go for a season an and was over or season was over or less than a season it was over it well mr hip is going to get you're gonna get okay now nagging to go back to where we started because what you're listening to ninety five now i can't remember that title i couldn't remember michael mois name and i'm not ninety five so we all have the same issues but killing people we just now like you know we got pot stores everywhere at my ninety four year old father in law lives with us and he has we'd delivered to the house l funny and it's all it's so he's okay the level no when you do this show bates was in the show look it up 'cause i visit greatest cast i've remember louise parker kathy bates was a play it had been a play fried green tomatoes kno fragment she she was was ninety i think it could have been fried green tomatoes that is wasn't a it wasn't film i made the film yes yes of course i did that all right gentlemen out there do you realize that you have norman lear to thanks for green tomatoes to which also i mean also besides all the tv and not to mention spinal tap.

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