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1207 on the clock remaining in this game. A couple of ACC heavyweight FSU and NC state, a one point game here early in the fourth and after a 56 yard field goal That kick off will not be taken out of the end zone a touchback and Florida states offense coming out onto the field, but an update on the NC stateside quarterback Devin Leary was spotted on the sideline in street clothes with a sling on his right shoulder he left the game in the third quarter back up Jack chambers taking his place. Absolutely brutal. Devin Leary, authored a record setting season, no ACC quarterback had ever had a 35 touchdown 5 interception season, just one of four quarterbacks in FPS to do that in the last decade and a huge leader in important cog for this team that they're going to be without for the rest of the game. First and ten from their own 25 trade Benson off the right hip. And he will take the handoff going up the middle he is quickly wrapped up near the line of scrimmage Drake Thomas came to make the stock. And if you're Jordan Travis and company, you got to start shooting down the field again because this linebacking core and D line. Teeing off, getting up the field on you. You try to go misdirection on that one, but when you've got an offense that featuring a lot of pullers right now, and you saw two offensive lineman pulling them at play. It creates seams. And when you've got this three three 5 defense, you have guys coming from all different levels. It gets you so off balance as an offense and a backed you up there. Second and ten from the 25. Travis takes the shotgun snap, play action, still on his feet, and he's going to throw it into the ground incomplete. Let's pause ten seconds to station identification. This is called football Saturday night. This is the great voice of the Great Lakes, 7 60 W JR, Detroit, a cumulus media station. Third intent for Florida state's offense still from their own 25 1124 on the clock in this game and empty back you'll 5 wide receivers coming up for Jordan Travis. His team leading by one all their points coming in the second quarter shut out in the first and third. To affiliate is going to motion in after the snap in trouble he's forced from the pocket Travis shouting directions. He throws over the middle of the field incomplete, kentron portier not able to hold on after that hit from Drake Thomas. Who else? But Drake Thomas back there. A great pass

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