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And you're the expert I can ask about this. And it's basically does success change people. Doug Peterson is talking to the media yesterday. Tell me if this sounds like somebody listen to dock we try to be one this week. And that's all we worry about in last week is over with and Rhonda Rhonda. Tampa Bay against a good opponent. We're onto the Tampa Bay who does that remind you of Mike. Well, I mean, you read the book, I mean, look, Bella check, Marcus Aurelius. It's it's about the what stands in the way becomes the way. I think that's clearly the case. And you gotta take that. I mean, this is a challenge for any guy any coaches won a Super Bowl. It's hard to repeat it's hard to get those players attention every single week because everything outside the building is talking about repeating when inside the building, you know, it's hard to repeat every year. Everybody's Super Bowl. Everybody is gunning for you. It's the team. You've gotta play. Hey, the eagles are come. You. Don't think in Tampa. They're just dying to see eagles. You don't think they're going to measure their team against how they play against the Super Bowl champs that that that wasn't happening last year that was not happening last year. And so what's the difference? If it's a different course. And it's a challenge me, Pat Riley talks about it in one of his books. He hits the disease of me when you win everybody kind of feels a part of it. And all of a sudden, you can't get everybody's attention. And I think that's the challenge that Doug has. So he has to change Angelo has to change who he is. Because his team's changed. All right. Well, Mike now, you're making me nervous. So could you please predict who's going to win this game on Sunday? I think this is going to be a really hard game, heat and humidity is a factor. Here you go down there. And you lose you once you get tired everybody. Talks about cold weather games. How hard it is to play. That though the easy games. You can get warm. You can always get warm. You can't get refueled and regenerator is you have to go get an IV when you get heat and humidity kinda get you. And so that's going to be the key factor here and their defense many curry play. Well, that's their defense did not play. Well last week. They were drew Brees was magnificent. So I do believe the eagles will move the football. And I think the eagles defense will stop Ryan Fitzpatrick. I think it'll be a close game. But I do think Billy will win this game because I'm not sold when you give up as many yards as they gave up to New Orleans last week in New Orleans, really Sean Payton thought that he was kind of score forty points in that game. He probably would have never punted shit. If he the way the game went. And he could have got away with my putting because here we're moving the ball effortlessly and without burning Hargraves. This is a zone team. And when you play zone team, you gotta lotta throws. You could make against them and take the man is just demonstrated. Why the title of the book is great our ingenious, the great, Mike Lombardi, Mike, always an honor, my friend. We'll talk next week. Thanks angela. Alright. So Lombardi goes eagles out, but he's not like overboard. Yeah. Nobody's going crazy. So I would like to give my pick right now. Pick for me. What's that? For me. Look, I'm not because Mike Lombardi says that Wentz is not playing great. It doesn't mean he's not playing that doesn't mean. I know you didn't win. And you're not a man. All right. You'll be a man when they announced next week the foles is playing and it's not gonna happen. Out on the road somewhere. They have to kiss my phone. Phony. Glad you're checking it out here. Because the simple and falls will play better because the bucks defense socks Hollis twenty eight fourteen eagles twenty eight fourteen got to score Gabe as well. Yeah. I think you're gonna harass. Fitzpatrick buddies business, and we'll just flustered and we reiterate is someone who played against Fitzpatrick. How do you feel about him? He sucks. Thank you very much more guarantee who you got twenty three nothing eagles twenty three. So much thought into that. It was coming out of his brain. How to call that the boxes scoring forty eight one game. Yeah. And then zero the neck. Yeah. That's why do you make a mockery of distribution? It's not a mockery. Look at look at what he did the last week. There is a norm that you go to how much thought did you put into that prediction? Well. You asked me a question. I came up with an answer instantaneous. I need a pack. There is one year. I gave you the same score every week. Never noticed kinda notice right near the end. We seven fourteen. Eagles Twenty-three thirteen. So all of us. I've been killing the low. Everyone's got the sheep is anyone listening who thinks the eagles will lose the game on Sunday. Anyone listening who believes that? We will see about that. We will go through a lot of that other stuff. We come back, and I'm just gonna take your calls. So here's the number two one five five nine two zero six ten now. That's the seventy nine nine four nine four nine four. And and. Horizon. Does that happen is that I don't I don't know. Any stroke. I.

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