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The data show. Reading this story at the Washington Examiner the discuss how brat Kavanagh's daughters had to be rushed out of the what they described as a quote hot hearing that it was very unpleasant for young children. His sweet little girls were on there and added take him out immediately. Because people were so over the top the progressive protesters one of them apparently this morning had screamed that had said, well, there's there's two there's two more million or whatever of of us than you and think progress were saying, oh, well, you know, it's this is what happens when people don't have access to the ballot box. It's just going to get uglier. I feel like that's what the left once they want to they want people to get uglier with this. And what do you mean, they don't have access to the ballot box? We had access to the ballot box. There are there's a segment of the population. That cannot come to terms with the fact that the their candidate that stole the the the her primary nomination lost the general. I mean, there you go. Just for crying out loud. So the. I mean, it's I don't know it it's ongoing, and this it's just pretty crazy. And looking at all of this stuff the way that they're carrying on. He's going to be he's going to be confirmed. A lot of this is a like I said so much of this is just it's two things. It's. The. Democrats really using this as a fundraising apparatus because we've seen quarter Booker already start. And also, they're just trying to do something to make up for the fact that they have absolutely zero. They have nothing. They have no policy of nothing to put forward. Nothing. Nothing. What gets me yesterday? Even I was looking at US attorney, John bash his wife Zina bash was sitting behind Cavanaugh, and everyone said that she was making the white power sign or whatever which apparently is when you take your index finger and your thumb together and you make circle and you're the other three fingers up. It's like what commonly known as the. Okay, sign and. That's. I just heaven on earth. It's so silly. They went on and on about Zena bash. I mean actual cable pundits. And and and verified journalists so John bash had to get involved, and he said the attacks today. My wife are repulsive everyone tweeting is a vicious conspiracy theory should be ashamed of themselves because she started getting death threats. He says we weren't even familiar with this hateful symbol being attributed to her for the random way, she rested her hand during a long hearing. He's she's Mexican Jewish. She was born in Mexico. Her grandparents were holocaust survivors. He says some of the Twitter comments have even referred to our infant daughter. Good heavens. And they still go with it. This is how crazy they are. It's just they can't it's. He was asked also Cavanaugh was asked today. Whether or not the president has the absolute right to pardon themselves. CNN had a headline up about it. And he had said the question of self partners, something I've never analyzed. It's a question that I have not written about it's a question therefore, the type of theoretical and I can't begin to answer. And it's such a misleading presentation because he said that it was a hypothetical question that he can't begin to answer in this context as a sitting judge in the nominee to the supreme court and the way that CNN presented the clip they tried to make it sound like he was just kind of a buffoon. He was being he was being quite careful with it. Pretty insane. Just pretty insane. I'm just endlessly fascinated by all of this does how silly they have gotten with. There. I mean, just as just crazy. Moving on because there's a couple of things other things that I wanna touch on. Walmart is going to get spanked. There is. I talked about this earlier Dick's sporting goods in Oregon. This was back this spring when this twenty year old. Was in Oregon a twenty year old was going to purchase a rifle from Dick's sporting goods. And he Dick's ended up changing their store policy. And they said they're not going to sell firearms to anyone under age of twenty one. Because if you're a between the ages of eighteen to twenty one you can Rican purchase legally purchase a rifle. And by the way, the way that it's presented by anti-gun advocates. They act like all crime comes from eighteen to twenty one year old with rifles, and in fact rifles account for what may be one percent. The vast majority is handguns, and it's also handguns people who are gang bangers and repeat offenders and aka prohibited possessors anyway back to the story. So he this. So Tyler Watson, he tried to purchase a rifle from Dixon, a wouldn't sell a hundred twenty one. So then he tried to make the same purchase. He was just going to get a twenty two from WalMart. And they said because now apparently WalMart in Oregon they're trying to change their roles as well and say that you can't purchase a fire. Firearm if you're under eighteen so he got a lawyer, and he sued both stores, and he's going to win because Oregon and also there was another young woman. Eighteen year old Hannah Brumbies she was she was refused. And these these kids hunt, and she was refused. A a rifle by WalMart. So she also sued and now the Oregon bureau of labor and industries is getting involved, and they sent a memo to WalMart saying that they were in violation of the lot before you think. Wow. Oregon because it's so lefty. Yeah. Well, the thing is is that Oregon has laws preventing discrimination based on a variety of factors, including age you can't discriminate based on age in Oregon. So they end up they trip themselves up. It's a statute regarding public accommodation. And it covers basically all retail and it protects people typically age age eighteen or over from being discriminated against when they go and make a purchase or whether it be a good or a service and the exceptions actually allow for a. What is described as a state established minimum the statute six five nine eight point four zero three. And it says that discrimination in place of public accommodation is prohibited. And it details restriction account of race color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, natural origin, marital status or age. So. Walmart's going to lose this fight Dixon lose. They're gonna lose all their lawsuits, and they're going to have to go back to selling firearms to people who are constitutionally permitted to purchase a firearm. Otherwise, or they're going to have to stop selling rifles entirely does their choices. Because you can't you can't strip someone of their in Oregon. You can't discriminate based on age. I think that you can't strip someone of their natural rights without due process period. And I think that there's this is going to I think set a precedent even with states that don't even even with states that have a public accommodation laws with no exceptions for firearm sales. This is going to set a precedent because you can't you cannot have a policy in a state like that with with no such protections than you definitely stage with protections. That's going to provide the legal pathway to go with other states. So these two particular instances, they say that there's not there's no legal basis for WalMart's refusal or dick sporting goods refusal to sell a rifle to someone who is lawfully able to purchase one. And is a is a legal possessor. So they kind of trip themselves up with us. And that's one of the things that people don't realize when you start, you know, eighteen to twenty year old if you start. What what amazes me is what you can go serve your country when you're eighteen years old. But you can't carry a you can't hunt. You can't carry a firearm and have a rifle when you're eighteen years old. It's it's silly. You're stripping people have natural rights without due process. That's like saying that you don't have freedom of speech or that you're going to be penalized in a way and have your rights restricted because just without without a trial or you to be able to defend yourself. No due process. No court nothing. I'm going to be punished for something. That's. That's not legal that's unconstitutional. Why why are we treating free people like prisoners? Why are we treating them like guilty parties that have been convicted when the abbot when they've done nothing wrong? It's it's ridiculous. I think that if you're not going to allow someone to carry a firearm between the ages of eighteen or Twenty-one, then you have zero zero zero entitlement to demand that they go and serve their country. They're good enough to go and fight for your lazy ass overseas. But you're not going to allow them to carry a firearm here at home. Please. Stupid. They can voted eighteen, but they can't carry a firearm stupid. Then raise the voting age twenty one if you're gonna raise the the age to be able to purchase a fire under twenty one the voting age should be raised to twenty one the enlistment age, then should be raised to twenty one and driving a car since vehicular deaths are exponentially greater than those from firearms. And that's according to all universal crime reports from FBI then then increase the driving age to twenty one as well. And if you're not gonna do it than sit down and shut up. Period. Put your show how serious you are about saving lives. Otherwise, we're just gonna assume I'm gonna just play the last game. Then why do you hate people who are killed in car accidents so much? That's what the left is. By the way, if you don't want to strip someone of their natural rights. They say it's because you like dead kids. Okay. Well, if you don't want to raise the driving age to twenty one why do you like why do you like so many children losing their lives and vehicular accidents? Same logic applies then. Now, then raise it all. Don't exit can't drive to your Twenty-one can't vote. You're twenty one can't purchase tobacco to your Twenty-one. Can't enlist until you're twenty one. How about that? If you can't purchase a firearm until you're twenty one then that's what it should be. I want it that makes you uncomfortable. What what what is it? What right is being stripped of you to raise the driving age to twenty one. Please do tell show me in the first show me in the Bill of rights were that is go ahead. I'll wait. It's asinine. We have a lot more to touch upon folks. And we have Florida man on the way patriot mobile is my cell phone service. And, you know, honestly, when when you have progressives that lose at the ballot box, they always try to go to the courts, and when they can't win in the courts than they want to abuse their power over social media and through mass media and sympathetic corporations like Levi's jeans to stifle conservative opinions and promote left. He wants more companies are getting into political activism, one industry in particular uses a device that.

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