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Yeah we're here for you yup and yes ma'am and the answer ninety nine percent of the time is no it is not and by the way dan smith formerly dan a church cleaner now dan from africa from effingham he just sent a picture of his brand new baby girl he said he's listening to the show with his baby girl while mama gets a peaceful sleep and he has the baby is holding a mardi mcgee patch i mean it's it's just absolutely tremendous that's that's my that's i might have to be permission to make that my new profile avatar okay i want to avatar land down there at today's the animal kingdom few weeks go all i could think about was so there's like africa and asia and all the different parts of the world war two animals and all that and then there's the now pandora corner down there like from the movie avatar and as soon as you turn the corner it it looks like the rest of the park except it's all like alien plants and stuff and alien trees and alien rocks and and all that and all i can say then i saw like a seagull land and all i could think was a seagulls or landed in thinking we're where are we because there's like it doesn't you know there's you know all of a sudden it's like alien plant life that isn't real anyway i just when you say what i think about what app can you not live without on your phone mine's pandora it's the one i don't even i don't have a lot of apps on my phone i can't hardly even use my phone i'm not that savvy most of the time so these instagram stories and all this stuff that we're supposed to be doing a lot of.

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