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Wisconsin supreme court yesterday president of wisconsin institute for law and liberty rick essen berg i listened to the oral arguments made in front of the wisconsin supreme court fascinating stuff mcadams versus marquette's professor fired for free speech at academic freedom at stake the the process i'm an ask rick about what that process was like and where we are in that in that story what will be the time line for the wisconsin supreme court to decide six judges in this case on that important freedom of speech case for marquette university and professor john mcadams that's at nine seven but one of the start to show two things one real quick and then i'm gonna dig deep on the on the milwaukee county pension stuff was just continues to blow my mind the fact that we have these weekly stories really an exercise in futility and example of governments at its worst and i'm not begrudging the people that get pensions but when you see this kind of fiscal mismanagement poor decision after poor decision there's a latest story about another mistake that's gonna cost a few hundred thousand dollars all these mistakes add up and they mean something the taxpayers and that's what i'm going to get to in a little bit here but i wanted to just i want to applaud milwaukee's police chief afonso morales i read this headline you're going to be held accountable that's milwaukee police chief alfonso morales addressing this this increase in these police chases this year alone npd thirty three last year at this time fifty one hundred hundred chief michael flynn let me say the numbers again ed flynn rather two hundred and fifty three this year to this point fifty one at this point last year of course the big change in policy allowing officers to pursue the reckless driving mobile drug dealing which if anybody doesn't realize that's the problem in this community they're not paying attention you said this to ricky mitchell team jay for what i'm happy about is the crashes are going down our officers are doing it safely bravo long past do what a novel concept we see some somebody engaged in criminal activity we chase them we try to capture them and then we try to put him away that's how it should work.

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