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Here we go i want you to tell me who on our staff once walk the streets of philadelphia wearing address where's that weird one that won't be of remember okay we got the big about a male was a day dennis malloy were was it be bill doyle was his see the exceedingly handsome sleep tripoli's or was it d joe carter oh my gosh no idea well the truth is not going to quit dinner at her overcoat impersonation that was a very grand version had um never be good valdano fits your you qatar i think he's the on and on rhino disable our jagland the first one dennis malloy uh so either gotta be done for you i gotta say banner now what that's a visual ban ki moon i gotta tell you steve that's a good died plans think of denison address you're not going to either at is it added all right let's go to alexis in new town under jersey one award 45 alexis good how you doing hey variety lexus use liu and a get these answers electors ray but he does right i think i can competent which you category he tv is not an option as an option all right day we're gonna give you tv and i'm gonna give you from the from seinfeld you like seinfeld okay i can try in the seinfeld chronicles episode jerry meets a girl on the road and agrees to allow lower to state is apartment while she is on town on business the girl laura turns out to be engaged but what state is the from a new jersey the michigan see maryland or d illinois i think i'm gonna pay illiinois long i am a little to no had severely epas his guy this guy dances on cruise ships raymond from rockaway montaza was long suad with your goes to your parents why don't you say what joel any round however you are how why you're ski i'm doing good all right geno good you ready to win i'm ready to win amiez shah i'm i'm do wanna wrong on fire won on one point five is going with very go i want you to tell me the on air personality who starred in the nineteen eighty movie hopscotch with his father his other credits include battles star galactic a the good.

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