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Hit music station friend Angie, This is so exciting A good friend Guy Fieri, Mike. It tremendous honor their statues of Christopher Columbus. They're falling all over the country, and there's a petition on change dot com suggesting to change the name ofthe Columbus. In Ohio, Columbus, Ohio to Flavor Town. Yeah, I like it. Just call it a Columbus, Ohio, would become flavor town, Ohio around us and says Flavor town where he's from his 25,000 people so far have signed on to honoring the TV chef guy Fieri Fi nd Who is from Columbus, Tyler Woodridge writes in the petitions. The city's name is tarnished by Christopher Columbus, his record of raping slave trading and genocide. One person said the Fieri raised money for food service workers heard by the pandemic shutdown. This act alone makes him far more worthy of a town named in his honor than Christopher Columbus of Flavor Town also recognized the Ohio Cities role as a major test market for the food industry. They should name a Buckeye. Since it's like Ohio State, some Buckeye, Ohio flavor town I was I was watching yesterday was watching dynasty drive ins and dives. I always I like to watch the food network while I'm eating. I can't watch it when I'm not evening, though, is I need I need to be eating something while I'm watching because otherwise it makes me hungry. So I can't watch chopped off in time for meeting though, because sometimes they used gross ingredients like I don't know. Squid make taller. Yes. Quail eggs, that growth plate balls. Yeah. You know, you gotta work the squid balls in with the cheese puffs in the a rotten banana or something. You got to cook something with that and I sigh. I can't watch I don't like the dessert round. I don't care about dessert. I only want to watch them cook Savoury stuff. I don't want any of the desert shows The cake shows the cupcake. Show this British bake off. You don't watch that. No, but someone told me I would like that. I like that show. I don't watch them. The mini skirt was voted the most iconic fashion trend in history. The miniskirt beat out the little black dress and hot pants for the crown is fashion's greatest garment. A new poll from Samsung Also making history. History's top 10 wardrobe items, the denim jacket, the classic leather biker jacket and skinny jeans. One thing people may agree on is that today's trends are very trendy. 40% of respondents said they think that styles are just a collection of old fans making a comeback. Well, that's true. Yeah, I mean, it's cyclical fashion. Everything comes back to get your stuff from, you know that goes out today in a box in 20 years, you'll put it on again. Totally If you got a place to put all that researchers say that when someone finds the perfect shirt, it stays in their wardrobe for long time. Some people say that they held onto their favorite garments for an average of 12 years. 22% of the poll said that they had something in their closet for more than 20 years. Wow. So here are the top 30 Most iconic fashion items. According to this poll. You reading Yes. Mini skirt, little black dress, hot pants, denim jacket, platform shoes, flared trousers. Leather biker jacket, shoulder pads, knee high boots, skinny jeans, shell suit tube Top dungarees, tight T shirt, denim miniskirt flapper dress was that the flapper dresses like for real, You know, like the girls in the twenties. Yeah. You know the the the Yeah. The dancers on the 20 year old Okay, uh, My Chinese like the Great Gatsby. Gatsby. Yes. Okay. Cowboy boots, Maxi dress crop. Top track suit, boot cut jeans, high waisted jeans, ponchos. Knee high socks is a women's fashion, halter neck, top combat trousers, MIDI skirt, band T shirts, tracksuit bottoms and frayed genes. A little, a little black dress to be number one, not number two. You think? Yeah, The mini skirt isn't more iconic than the little black dress know. What did someone say? One day like the skirt's too long. I'm just gonna wear half of one. And then that became a trend is that what happened is that you can't see enough of my knees. You don't like to see women in miniskirts, Ideo. I'm I'm wondering how the creation process began. Like one person. I've had enough and they cut They cut the skirt and 1/2 and then they walk outside. It was like Whoa, Who's somebody was really hot legs. It's like this skirt is too long. I need the world. What if it was a tall person with the regular skirt, right? Well, I guess it would be many to be no. Okay, So here's my question. 8555911035 fashion trend, which, I guess could also include some form of like hair or makeup or some some a doorman to your body in some way, But what's the fashion trend that you could look back on that you subscribe to that you're most embarrassed about 8555911035 I did the faux hawk. I did the frosted tips Dio my huge chair. Of course, the nineties hair was huge here, embarrassed about it. I'm embarrassed about the The Faux Hawk is much because he became kind of signature because I lived in Austin, and so people did it. And then I moved to Charlotte and nobody did it. People are still doing it, friend. So people thought I was crazy. They thought I was wild, like in 2005. That nineties hair was not cute. Yes. So? So I'm trying to think what and by the way, my mom wouldn't pay for frosted tips, so I headed to use Sun in. Oh, so basically it wasn't for us The tips. It was orange hair. Orange chair is what it was like the super super super low rise Dunham where your whole butt crack was out as soon as you sat down and a whale tail till I wore those jeans like religiously. Short for thing In the early nineties, I wore jeans, shorts and early George Sr back. Ah, you won't see me And I'm now So where Ah jenko jeans with the big, big elephant Like riding my bike by bicycle. I had the role of my yang. How about your religion? Not used to work truly. That's all you French. You never worked here. I would have thought you would have no, never did. I never did The Ed Hardy or I didn't really do that. I didn't do the affliction. They're No. Did Vonda chats? No, no, um, juicy couture tracksuits and the worst I got. What's your religion was just exposed Stitching? I didn't get into like the bedazzled. Yeah, No, no, no. Because I I don't know if I could afford it so that it may have been why those things were expensive, too. By the way, Genes are very expensive, True religion jeans that was like the time that was like the beginning of, you know, designer Denham Super expensive. Now all the genes are like 200 bucks, but was it by and then rock and Republic That was another one I would buy in the mid to thousands at Nordstrom. Yeah, Yeah, It's true here. I thought I was. I thought I was cool, but I think maybe I was then but now I'm embarrassed about it..

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