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Yeah yeah the that telegram group i think i i actually was the one like saying hey we got to actually get on this on telegram and nobody had heard about telegram at the time and some people like rage quitted omit or turn a little later but i think it was late late twenty fifteen early twenty sixteen that that was that that the group was founded and we've kind of conglomerate it a bit into the crypto groups unbrella where we have you know lots of different groups that kind of share bots to ban bad actors and stuff antispam mechanisms so it's it's turned into probably what was pretty small operation with one group into a very large group into you know lots of groups with with administering information mainly to combat spam scam and all those kinds of things just make it a more pleasant place it's like it's a lot of work to also get my round of applause you know the handle a lot of that stuff because i know even what we got like a couple of groups like baby pod and all that and you know just any oh nowhere near this kind of members you got and it's just even then it's like oh there's a lot to handle sometimes yeah it's it's a constant a lotta times i wake up to twenty messages from twenty different people and some of it's just basic like somebody got banned and they're upset and now that's that's kind of just like daily busy work but i mean when when mod start fighting adleman start fighting that's where it started to kind of turns into there's a lot of politics and up getting involved in big communities like that and you know sometimes there's been bunch of just inner inner group drama because of that yeah for sure i thought i thought it was really interesting as you speak in how you're kinda your when you first got in you found this exchange that nobody had really heard of called biff annex and i thought this is interesting maybe like i i'm curious to hear you know your view on maybe biff next through the years because i know like when i first got into crypto it was you know right around that da hack and then we've got hacked and.

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