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The beginning again. Oh Man Lauren. Our stories are very similar. That's so funny very very similar. Oh my dad was in credible Lauren. It was aimed so bank very fun. I saw everything highland ren counting. Really got me okay. It's evil I can't eat my God those very fun to right. It's funny how it flows out of view. You you know yeah. It really is easy to deserve it. Oh Shit I can't happen next. Yeah yeah it was like. I can't write anything I need to write. But when it comes to star wars fan fiction like Nah I go. I have all these ideas for scripts on like this one just flew right out me useless. It was so funny though daily. You had a ball betsy. Do you want to read the next one from that? We got online owes sure this one is called star. Wars the deceived by Dr This. Em The win rushed harshly. Speeders fairly large ships hovered through the brightly colored city of chorus. Get the emperor and his apprentice gazed amongst the crime ridden streets and backed up traffic lanes. They had done it after years of exile. This ruled the galaxy. Everything is as I've foreseen it. My friend the Jed eye are no more. In the CITH. All-powerful he cackled lightly. Shortly.

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