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Dot com slash skill share hundreds of years ago. The map of europe was much more complicated there were dozens of kingdoms and duchy's and principalities all over the place overtime however almost all of those tiny countries were absorbed into larger countries that we know today but not all of them did a small handful of very small countries managed through luck perseverance and diplomacy to remain independent. To the present day. I've previously known episodes on dora liechtenstein san marino and vatican city. Each one of those countries has a unique history which allowed them to wind up as independent countries in the twenty first century. The story of monaco is similar yet. Different to has managed to survive as a tiny principality into the twenty first century but it story in history are different than other european microstates. Historically monaco was defined by its most significant man really only landmark the rock of monaco. The rock of monaco is as the name implies a rock. That juts out into the mediterranean sea. It was historically used as a fortification. And there's evidence that humans have inhabited the site for at least thirty thousand years. If you're familiar with monaco. The rock is on the southern side of the main harbour. The name monaco comes from the name of a sixth century. Greek colony. that was there called. Monaco's the meaning of the name and adrian creek was single house during the roman period. Julius caesar came through monaco after completing the gallic wars the poet virgil called it. Quote the castled cliff monaco's by the see the modern history of monaco. If you wanna call it that dates back to the twelfth century it was then part of the holy roman empire in eleven ninety one holy roman emperor henry. The fifth gave the land to the city state of genoa and the genoese colony of monaco was refounded. In twelve fifteen in twelve ninety seven a genoese nobleman by the name of francisco. Gremaldi with the help of several other men dressed as franciscan. Monks took over the fortress which was on the rock of monaco. This was the beginning of the grimaldi family rule of monaco which is still in place today. it didn't remain gremaldi hands for long. He was eventually taken back by genoa. Who then lost it to the kingdom of aragon in the fourteenth century the gremaldi family purchased monaco back from aragon in sixteen twelve and the head of the family hannuri. the second declared himself prince of monaco. Monica wasn't fully independent. However while the prince was recognized as a sovereign prince by the french they were also vassals to the french king..

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