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Panera restrictions apply. It's 5 48. It's traffic and weather on the eighth with Jack Taylor, standing by in the W T o P Traffic Center. Right traffic moving pretty well in Maryland is we start things off, and Frederick running south on to 70 were quiet between the Beltway's on 95 in the B W Parkway Beltway looking good between Bethesda in Oxon Hill. No big worries in Virginia's well between Alexandria and McClane. 95 3 95 Everybody headed inbound. Good. 66 is fine. Gainesville east at a Leesburg West Market Street remains closed between Loudon Street in South King Street. Scheduled utility work till about seven o'clock this morning. The reminder now through Thursday night, 11 metro stations closed inside the security perimeter. Farragut, North Judiciary Square Union Station Archives. Arlington Cemetery. Farragut West. McPherson Square, Federal Center, Southwest Capital, South Smithsonian and Federal Triangle. Now tomorrow, Metro Center and Gallery Place will close all of these through Thursday night. Beginning this morning again, 11 stations closed this morning, the security perimeters downtown, multiple closures and parking restrictions. Constitution Avenue block between 2030 12 Northwest. Also black. Between first three Northwest and second Street, North East Independence Avenue, closed between third Street, Southwest and second Southeast. The North bound 12th Street tunnel's blocked from the freeway headed up toward Constitution Avenue. No access from the third Street Tunnel north that ramp to see Street's closed lower 14th blocked between the freeway and L. Street Northwest. H Street Northeast blocked between North Capitol Street and third Street, Northeast and Black Lives matter. Plaza 16th Street closed between K Street in Lafayette Square all through next week. The inauguration This is around the security perimeter. There's a full list on w t o p dot com Jack Taylor w T o p. Traffic STORM team for meteorologist Matt Raider cold temperatures to greet US first thing this morning Clouds are on the way. It's gonna be a little cooler than it was yesterday but still seasonable. And.

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