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You a little parental note down. So I was always doing something. I was always going somewhere and my parents were just rock stars for that. You, you never really think about how much they sacrificed and give to you until you're older. And now you're Thirty. And you're like, I don't think I could, I could take care of a child right now. So love you, Mom and Dad so much. It sounds like they were both very inspirational to you both in the past and probe. And it's speaking of people that were inspirational in your life. What sports did you enjoy watching as a kid? Obviously whether it be in on T or in person? I know that you enjoyed watching hockey which we will get too short. We so what sports did you enjoy? Watching and are there any athletes in particular that you lived up to as a child both male and female? Of course. Yeah, I watched a lot of track and field. I thought Sonia richards-ross was awesome. I ran track in addition to playing ice hockey. So I did the 400 the 200, the four, by the four, by one. I thought I was really fast to get attributed to my speed on the ice and I really obviously, like Serena Williams and Venus Williams. I thought they were just Trailblazers and a predominantly white sport, which I felt, I could relate to playing ice hockey and my dad would always force me to watch the NHL, especially playoffs my favorite team or the Detroit Red Wings. I love Steve. Yzerman I love song. Call. I wanted to have a slapshot just like him and break like a million sticks in a game. I love Brendan Shanahan like those are my guys and they were so good, so it helped that I was favoring a winning team. I, I was a kid that just really loved to play more so than watch if you know what I mean. That sounds like you have been immersed in the sport of ice hockey from a very young age. We're going to be talking about that very soon. I find it very interesting though that you got into track and field and that kind of you said attributed maybe to your speed a little bit. So can we talk about that a little bit more? Did you do that? Competitively I wasn't more for fun. Yeah, it was more of a thing where my mom did the high jump. And I think she might still have the not the Collegiate, but the High School record in Cleveland Heights for it. Probably not but she used to. She would brag to me about it and I just wanted to try it. I thought it was cool and long. Jump was also my thought jumping in a huge box of sand seemed Really cool and I just like to compete. I love being in a lane next to someone at their very best against you at your very best was kind of what drove me to run a Check..

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