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Chocolate bunnies and the reason for that eight and a half is because i wasn't sure because i'm not sure if i'm able to keep my personal feelings impatience out of this and just let it flow over me and i'm finding myself less and less impatient in the way i was impatient when i i watched this but i'm still impatient and a sense of i want cooper to be okay. I want everything to be okay. He turns turns out to be okay but yeah. I'm still i still don't. I still don't like what everybody has to go through to get there. I mean if if you think about it cooper only appears in this season three in the first three episodes and then what the last five i have yes four something like that so he's not even in half of the series. It's mostly dougy yet mostly dougy and so i think that makes the cooper pulse goober as our school and i wound up liking doug ama like the people who are around dougie. I like his strokes of luck things like that. It's some you just you know. It didn't freeze up. I was a for words. Oh okay all right. There wasn't a pause. I thought your thyroid froze there all right <hes> yeah so it's a little frustrating <hes> but the good thing is we know that there is a the payoff is just takes us a good long while to get there now. The good thing is of course we get <hes> the name we watch his genie the and that helps liven things up. That's so great stand. She's just she's great so <hes> that helps but but but it it is frustrating especially when if you're watching this for the first time because you're just like can cooper get back already. I'm like after a couple of episodes. You're just like okay. <hes> this was nice but can we move things along now. Story wise narrative wise start getting yeah. I am i start getting caught up in the in the dougie story and get caught up in the mitchell brothers and so you so you get into it you do get into it. I do get into the dougie in store. Yeah can imagine like the mitchell brothers. They're fun to fund what and the candy mandy and sandy candy. Where's my bloody mary. I just remember that how upset candy was when she's hits <hes> bradley bradley in the head with with with a with a remote trying to kill that fly by trying to kill the fly and feeling horrible about it. Oh yeah that's the thing it's like you. Don't think of that kind of stuff so funny all right so i'll give it yet or give it that then then we'll get there obviously as well all right <hes> for we sign off. We got some feedback backed out time so glad to get some feedback. He's back. Do you want to go do yours. I i okay all right so <hes> so we got a private message. I got a <hes> we got an email to our ghost would account goes with podcast if you want to do the same so we got <hes> email from chris lassiter in raleigh in raleigh north carolina suit and <hes> he says it's it's titled thank you from a fellow twin peaks fanatic exactly one of us one of is so he chris threats in charleston zan. This has been a long too long in coming but i am writing to just to say thank you. The ghost would podcasts has been an absolute blue joy to follow keeping the twin peaks discussion and lore alive two years after season three aired you to possess the same fervor that i have after the twin peaks universe and consider you kindred spirits in this continuous journey. We'll right back at you. Chris exactly thank you chris. Thank <music> chris continues. My absolute favorite was your rewatch of season one and season two even though we didn't get all the way through season two but you know we did pretty well. We did it pretty well as we can recapped a lot of stuff <hes> in walking beside you in this rewatch. I see what you did there. Walking fire walk with me that whole thing <hes> i found two partners who through your commentary helped me to learn to gain new perspectives and to laugh out loud on occasion well congrats on getting the absolute point fantastic. That's exactly what we do so cheers chris <hes> in addition i found your episodes the james hurley saga and josie packard as the condemned woman to be heroic efforts giving deserved attention to subplots and character arcs that are often ignored. That's awesome. Thank you so much. <hes> keep doing what you're doing. You keep the twin peaks mystery in journey allied exclamation. Mark and i thank you you personally for that p._s. If you're ever seeking a guest on ghost would be thrilled and honored to meet you too and to discuss the universe we share share and love smiley face. That sounds like plotting for the future charles. Maybe we might have to reach out to chris on that. Think about this. Yes we might also leaves <hes> signs off with adele cooper quote. Which of course is <hes>. This one is i have no idea where this will lead us but i have a different feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange which is one of my favorite delcor quotes so we're trying to win me over chris. You're doing a really good job. Oh he's got me. He's won me over. Thank you very much chris. Use saucy minx you yes definitely it is always wonderful to meet another fanatic and somebody who gets our humor is makes us feel a little less like a crazy weirdos. Look yeah we're. We're not. We're not alone now. We're not alone you and i felt so alone until we met each other exactly how however we were not alone and it's a great feeling exactly so so let let go s- would-be this refuge for all you lost when peak souls out there. We're here for you. Lost pete freaks or peas or peaks geeks. Whatever you wanna call yourselves. We're here for you into talk. Twin peaks of course ecorse determine exactly so <hes>. I guess we'll have to reach out to chris sounds for sure yeah. We'll figure out something to talk about so <hes> thank you so much for writing in chris and they so much for listening. We really appreciate it really hope you talk about us and through and you know if chris says keep doing what we're doing. That's permission. We gotta keep doing it exactly so for nothing else. It's chris's fault. You blame him now. Since yup crisanto obedient exactly so you tell us what to do. I received a private message from golden brown onto my facebook account and she says i'm listening to ghost would recaps of the return. I love it's so very much is what she says. Sir i i responded responded back to her and her profile picture is her doing cusp of senorita daito. You must have loved that. Oh she was immediately really that's awesome person and so i told her how much i loved it and she said that it was an intoxicating experience because she and somebody else who was dressed up like the firemen did re-creations shots excellent and that it was just practically religious experience to do. That's awesome you know she is beautiful her costumes beautiful and it was i was i was do we have we have pictures. We could share or now. He's a buddy so do we have pictures we can do we pictures we can share or no well if she wants to put those pictures on the ghost would facebook group. She is more than welcome sake geico. I just don't i just don't want to share photos without somebody's permission. Exactly that's why i so yes so so goldie please head on over the gosford facebook page and shows your costume because it's amazing. We'd love to see it yeah. I don't think she'd mind too much because it is her profile picture but again. I don't want to pursue that awesome so she also goes on to tell us that goes. What is your favorite twin peaks podcast and she taste yeah. I agree so and she also says that. It's refreshing to hear a woman talking about twin peaks right so that's that's one of the things i wanted when i i is reached out to an because we get it enough tired of old white new talking about twin peaks so i know like somebody somebody besides me needs to talk about this stuff and don't need another twenty sausage. Fest is what you're exactly exactly and obviously i knew zand from way back so oh i thought she would be perfect for this surprise she is. Hey i do my best so she says that she's almost done with our return episodes. It's and she loves the return and she looks forward to burning through the following episodes diving deep into the ones prior and told her that we are revisiting the return and doing running commentary on it and her comment was oh my sweet lord revisiting the return. I am dead. Hopefully not we want kill listeners. I think that's young people speak for yes. I'm not i'm on the twitter and all that with the kids and the instagram's rams and thins she also she is in boise idaho and doesn't know a lot of other fellow people there. I've been to boise. I go. I have never been to idaho so she's in boise idaho and says you know if anybody out there directing her way because she doesn't have any <hes> philippic freaks out there so hey if you're in boise shout out on the facebook group shut down on the twitter group and quote closer to snoqualmie washington the we are so i know seriously i'd be like long weekend. Let's drive the snoqaulmie trip trip for the trip exactly so yes so because she private message man facebook goldeneye are now friends on facebook and it's wonderful to know her and have her as a fan so thank you very much goal before we're reaching out yeah. Thank you so much golden and <hes> you know good call <hes> approving of zan. Thank you so yes. Oh you are very wise so yeah exactly so <hes> yeah zan deserves all the love you guys. Thank you charlie. Although charles needs good good down but <hes> white maleness food okay. I work with a handicap okay so yeah. I'm a white guy right out of the game exactly i yeah i know i do what i can. You know just i'm not a racist rapist. My name is charles. I tried not to be so you know pretty easy to be so you just don't do it. Go figure kid who knew who knew that was is the secret right. Don't secret yeah. Don't be an a hole. That's so easy. It's one less thing to do during your day. It's weird right. Okay all right right. <hes> what can like. I said all right. <hes> thank you guys. Thank you goldie in. Thank you <hes> chris for writing in. We really appreciate that. It's so great to hear from listeners so <hes> we want to hear more now. We're getting spoiled. Yeah drop is a line. You can either reach each out to us of course on facebook that goes with the twin peaks podcast or you can drop us a line. Let chris did at ghost would podcast at gene dot com the achie- man goes with pack as

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