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Look in two again. Just put out a God isn't my objection Is that tried What? You just wait. So you just wait and see. 103 My them. Thiss is my them. What would I do without your smart mouth? Me? You kick in the got my spin. No kidding. Okay, then you down. What's going on in that beautiful mind? Your magical Mr Reid. And I'm so is no the right Um, my MI loves O You love curves and all your edges. Infections. Give me give my owe to you and my beginning, even when I could give you Can you give me King. Me loves Ah, you love your curves and all your edges. Oh, young affections. Give me you young again. Even when I give you Can you get me? I give you the new Give me o of you. For three FM. Keep my Just move back. A little girl is coming out. Look, it's not six. Phoenix Mountain, either, like a favorite moment on the grave. Six. Given that easy living goodbye, hopes and dreams. Little kids. Just busy doing flips over. 56. No. With Mario Lopez 10 for three. Maya Moore. Courtney Lopez just want to take a second to say congrats to everyone who worked on my Netflix show, Ashley Garcia. New episodes just drop the show has been trending and we have been in the top 10 of Netflix's most watch shows in the past couple of days, So that's awesome. That is awesome. And you know what it is well deserved, and I'm not being biased, I swear. So I swear my daughter watches all of those shows. And there are some that are just torturously. But this show isn't it's great for kids. It's great for adults. It's great for adults to watch with their kids, and you're in it. I looked terrible. You don't know me that you let great and I'm in, like two seconds of it. So it's not even about that. He confessed forward, but Noah seriously it is a super super cute show tons of breakout stars in it. I'm very talented people to their singing. There's a little dancing and it's and it's definitely funny, So if you haven't checked it out, check it.

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