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Katie McKay. Right. To let Katie mccabe stick on guru item because Katie mccabe was kind of split between two players at that point. The problem is Katie mccabe then steps away to the runner. Kim little steps away to the runner as well and it kind of just all opens up in front of guerrilla. Do you know I hesitate to use comparisons to the men's game? I want to use a consistent arsenal comparison. The goal is know that the Henri goal on the Henri de co run for pyrrhus against Leverkusen in the champ is the when you just want to make the 70 odd thing and you just see that track open up. And you don't understand why the track is there until you see the overlap. Yeah, but then guru writing has so much time that she's essentially cutting on her right what you would usually use your right foot to go in the far corner. But she can go across to keep right, yeah, but she has enough time to reshape her body to her favorite left foot and curl it away from zinsberger into the far corner. It's a really, really beautiful goal. And it should also never have happened. Exactly. Gorgeous finish, but for the Porter traveled that distance in the air from that range. There's been a systemic failure, great point. Oh man, beautiful things that should never have happened. Yes. That should be the Stadio byline. Chart of quite a beautiful thing, but anyway. I think I should have satisfied. Well, it's a self glow up. Listen, if we don't love ourselves, we will listen. We love ourselves first. But then the second goal, I think I would say this was less a systemic breakdown as opposed to a couple of individual failures so you see.

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