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In a panic dot my wife's just gone into labor the doctor says is this her first child no it's our husband there's a new Monmouth university poll out and this is really interesting is the national poll not one of the states you have to remember because you're gonna see the swings some of the candidates will do better in some states and in other states and you're gonna see these numbers changing go out none of it matters and I'm not a big fan of polls but because mom of dozen ongoing poll you have a baseline and that baseline tells you where they were last month so you get to track some trends with this so this is a nationwide poll again not just a state but here's what's interesting Biden is up four points from a month ago from twenty six to thirty now Biden's had a tough month but this really isn't a reflection of Biden demonstrating strength this is a reflection of the fact that the other candidates are perceived not to be strong enough to be able to win a end the candidates that are getting out of the race their number two choice is the guy they perceived to be the one who can win so the Castro fans the Booker fans of Kamel Heris fans it would appear they're going with Biden so Biden's in first place among the Democrats at thirty he's in a very strong first I remember there's not a nationwide election there a series of state's caucuses and primaries in fact will have the first one in just a few days February third to the day after the Monday after the Superbowl we'll have the first we'll have the Iowa caucus and then we'll have a debate for days after that and then the New Hampshire primary on February eleventh so that'll be eight days after the Iowa caucus and then eight days after that another debate and then February twenty second we'll have the Nevada caucus there were twenty fifth will have another debate in February twenty night the South Carolina primary which means between February third February twenty ninth we'll have the Iowa caucus New Hampshire primary Nevada caucus in South Carolina primary in will be whittled down to just a few candidates by that after South Carolina in really probably after Iowa indefinitely by New Hampshire you'll start seeing some is gas drop off because if you can't if you can't get any early traction Buddha gigas one is gonna be one of these guys that you're gonna wake up he's gonna be out of the race like Beto was because he's kinda all in he's put all his eggs in the Iowa basket and when he doesn't do well in Iowa then that that's going to really be it for him but it was always really running for vice president and and there would be a big boost right that would be it would be interesting he's to be the first openly gay vice presidential candidate now he's a white male in the Democrat party that's a real knock against you but so you got Biden it thirty up four points for a month ago you've got Bernie Sanders in second up two points to twenty three Elizabeth Warren has dropped three points down to fourteen percent Pocahontas is done she's done she wanted people to pay attention to her and they did in nice said she's a nut she's down to fourteen so you've got by admit thirty he's up Sanders at twenty three openly socialist if not outright communist so by net thirty Sanders it at twenty three Warren down to fourteen and guess who's moved into number four I had a peak body gig Michael Bloomberg who was supposedly a Republican he spent all this money that Bloomberg's problem is the Democrat debate process the DNC set up requires you to rate you have to pass the threshold of money you raise number of donors an amount of money he's self funding so while he's put two hundred forty eight million dollars into his campaign he's not raising money from donors so he doesn't meet the threshold to get into the race the Democrats the the DNC wants to be able to control the process themselves so they create all these barriers they don't want somebody to come in like Sanders did in sixteen or Bloomberg this time and be able to get elected by the people but Bloomberg has is now I had a booty gig clover char Andrew Yang is down at three percent and that's that's the only ones who crossed the one percent threshold so this is really now race between Biden Sanders and Warren you want to know why the Democrats are in such a foul mood and seems so desperate because this is what they got this is what they got if your defenses on the field and there's a minute left and you don't even have a quarterback and and you're in trouble you start doing crazy blitz everybody that's what they're doing that I mean that that's what we come down to sandy you're on the Michael berry show dear I was given a note that they you sounded like a very sweet lady and I should take your call so I'm I'm honored to take thank you mark I appreciate these thank I'm beginning to believe the president trump knew all this stuff and headed time and that's why he so are you gonna use to get the Senate beach so much Republican did you know he didn't spend much time on the house hello I'm just wondering if he didn't have an inkling of all this was gonna come I'd come about here is a very different kind of gas and he reads people rail well and I just had that feeling do you think that way out I don't think it's way out but but I've I think you'd have to recognize if trump had his way he he would take a majority in the house in a majority in the Senate because he'd be able to get more done and he'd be insulated from these impeachment articles that came out of the house it's typically the case that a report that a that a sitting president suffers in the house and Senate races during the mid term election it's just we we've always done that this is an American tradition and it happened again this time and there's just there's no way around that yeah I I think he force all these problems and I think he did everything he could to prevent it being any worse than it is and I think he knows this impeachment process the longer it dress is hurt the senators that are running for president that's.

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