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Keeps growing. Play fast. Win fast with fast play, Please play safely and responsibly. Steve Dresner w T o P traffic out of the storm team for meteorologists. Amara Theodore, mostly Claire temperatures down to the Twenties and teens tonight We're coming off of this snowy Sunday and as a result of that, we could be looking at a re freeze overnight. Careful tomorrow morning. Icy patches can be ruled out, especially in secondary roads. Untreated roads through the day, though we should get good amount of sunshine highs tomorrow will be in the midst upper thirties Tuesday. High temperatures in the upper forties close to 50 degrees in some spots. We are looking at a mostly cloudy day with a chance for showers. Wednesday. We're tracking our next storm system. This storm system brings the threat for wintry weather Wednesday night through Thursday. High temperatures on Wednesday will be in the mid upper thirties. Thursday. Low to mid thirties. I'm starting for meteorologists. Samara Theodore temperature's dropping Now we have 34 degrees in Bethesda 34 in Arlington. And 31 in Washington. W T O P News time Now 9 30. This'll is w t o p your resource for today's top news, traffic and weather always connected and constantly updated. W T o p. Never miss a moment w T O P s top news has brought to you by van Meter homes Find the home That's right for you at van Meter Homes, calm Good evening. I'm particularly on a Loris Patel. Niac is our producer. Coming up. Tampa Bay dominating Kansas City in Super Bowl 55..

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