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In America is stores, Chris noth from law and order and sex in the city as well as Danny Pino for Mayans and law and order SVU and newcomer Levin Ramban who portrays the newest member of this elite team that happens to be the survivor of childhood abduction herself. Don't miss the series premiere of gone Wednesday, February twenty seventh at nine eight central followed by the season finale of another great show pure only on W G in America. If you're looking for WG and America, it's on cable everywhere. Directtv and dish or find the channel in your area by going to WGN, America dot com. All right. We're back. Cheers. Cheers. Cheers shoes. All right. So continuing on the idea of these different theories. Okay. So second on the list, we have the boys were handed off to someone as John said, but possibly he was duped. Now, this comes from this comes from an interview that he did do where he does say, you know, I've not heard from these people I've talked to these people I handed him off to them. And who knows maybe I was duped. So this would be the idea there's a few different ideas involved in this one one. Could they still be alive yet? They were given to bad people for nefarious reasons. Right unbeknownst to John or could they be no longer with us handed off the bad people. Or doing one thing we've not discussed too. You know, we've discussed the the percentages of what would it be that? There are three missing kids that are under the age of ten and then three remains of children found that are believed to be under ten what's the chances of that? But what we didn't discuss is could the kids be separated. Could they be alive and they've been separated? Well, if if they're bad people yet 'cause you can control people better, if you you know, you separate and conquer or if they're if they're good people are they separated because they're less chance of detection less. They're not as easy to be identified. Right. Yeah. But again, I think the duping part. Okay. So we believe John, and we go, okay. While this girl that he met randomly 'cause her car broke down, and they stayed in contact that this. Person. Joann taylor. Just so happen to be which that's on a real name. But. Just so happen to be. A person that was connected with child. Pedophilia rings, and he said my kids are being molested and she said, I'll take him. And then he gives them to her. Then she sends them off to other pedophile 's that seems so far fetched like it you'd have to believe all the stuff that he said, oh, of course. Yeah. I mean, that's part of that theory is that he actually did hand them off. And then unbeknownst to him that people gave them to were actually bad people. Yeah. But I don't know. It's. Like if they're good people are frayed of getting in trouble. It's like you could go to have heavily populated area like McDonald's or something. And just go kids go in there. And then tell him that you're missing and Cawthorn and within a day will, you know, would figure out who they were. There's so many things if they went to good people how they could get back. Right. If they went to bad people there were duped. It just doesn't make a lot of sense to me. But if if it had happened there dead, and we'll never find

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