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As gay rights we're going to ramp up now thanks everyone for listening to this episode hollywood handbook won't wound going gonna double dip now we're going to knock another one at it's a little long we'll do longer one on the second and go round so we'll bonus round probably pull a half hour out of that slap it up on the premium content and uh yeah thank you so yeah so it's me and dennis from army and dennis the menace and were listening to the office podcast shine and then dennis the menace is like worse telling the toilet and then dennis from sunny is like it's coming up it's a it's a supplementary segment i i tom watt knows what are they everyone thanks for listening the hollywood handbook open source in turns of show business in as we all show business and its and what for and what a week yeah and it's me tom i'm here and i've got with me shaun in heyzer with me this week i pay let's so what's been going on in hollywood that's driving you guys what's gotta be in your bonn what's our hollywood yeah be in the bonnet what a b you have it in your bonnet the oscars are coming up right yes in that really steams my clams i can't believe they're doing the oscars so soon will thanks for everyone listening the friends podcast is going great i appreciate lemme plug it on here and uh yeah.

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