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'cause I work on the pill. You know so do you ever boogie. Nights is a film that feels at once alive and full of ghosts like you're watching the spirits of people who don't yet know that they're extinct. It's almost the same feeling as watching once upon a time in Hollywood like boogie nights quinton has recreated created an entire world and then within that world movie sets in Boogie Nights and once upon a time in Hollywood. There's all these dimensions stacked on top of each other real history and fictional fictional history and the film within a film fictions that these characters are creating. There's a scene in once upon a time in Hollywood where Brad Pitt's cliff booth drives pussycat the Manson girl to where does she and her gang live spawn ranch spahn ranch as you know if you've seen the movie or if you're into that real history of the Manson murders was a fake wild west filming location for cowboy versus outlaw shows like the lone ranger and Bonanza Quinton invents a fictional showdown between these hippy outlaws and cliff booth the closest thing movie has to a bad ass sheriff harassed. Andy sets it at the same place where dozens of fake sheriff's face-down hundreds of fake outlaws.

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