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You know, I was my sons in law school. Now, these long talks, you know, things that we need to do to change society. And one of the things I think we really need to start suing people who become dangerous on in Twitter and online social media. I really do. And he's like, oh, yeah. Absolutely. No problem. We have to do that. I mean, you know, when people I notice if if people use the word quack in relation to me that is a clear legal violation. There's all kinds of case Vaughn, call your doctor quack where you you incur, massive liability. If you say that publicly to physician measurably affects clear attack on reputation, which is you know, we need our reputations. And so he's he's thinking that you could put together class actions and all kinds of things to push back on people. So this stop. So this craziness just stops. Let's craziness quack. Oh, lots of stuff all the time. Trying to find one examples for you. Because I block all these people. I don't wanna read it everyone who watches teen. Mom, I'll call you quack. By my wife goes around blocks these things so I didn't get to see all. But I. Know how to block people? I don't either wife doesn't. Yeah. But I I would just like to pull them all together. And I'm a loss of the class action. And that's that. Because some with somebody has to do something. Did you see that thing where Pete Davidson was being bullied so badly on social media? The they're trying to get him to kill himself. I mean, but I mean just broke up with Iraq. Rhonda, he's got bipolar disorder. I mean, you that's that's bullshit. Take somebody who's got a condition, and then do what you can to make destabilize that you should be held accountable for that. I guess I don't know. I have kind of mixed feelings about it like. Although I do like. What you were saying about reputation, and I wish reputation was something that was more. Embraced at some point bad reputation sort of came around like, and then we got into some slut shaming or something then we moved on. But what about good reputation? Why why not what happened to the good reputation? It's it's it's an interesting thing. I was chatting with someone about it. And I said, and I've often said as a guy who's tried to do a real estate dealer three when the loan companies would come back and go you got put thirty five percent down. And I go that's a lot now. Well, that's what you gotta do. But I've said, and I've said it to you. There is no such thing as good credit. There's just bad credit and then credit, right? I have credit. I don't have good credit. Right. Good credit? I could go in and dictate terms. You know, but I can't dictate terms. I just pay whatever anyone else pays. But if I had bad credit, then I couldn't do it. So in a weird way. Way what goes on with the banking industry, which is in the in the past at least, according to the Beverly hillbillies and all the other docu-dramas. I watched growing up more, the it's a wonderful life. Just Beverly hillbilly has hard troch can can leave him. I can use my example. Okay. The Beverly hillbillies had mister Drysdale who had he owned. The Bank was the secretaries Dame. Jane, Jane Hathaway. I guess it was eager to please, Mr. Drysdale. Right. Guess why? Because he wanted him to the business you want Jeb to keep his money in the Bank. Right. And he liked the idea of him as a client. So when jed clampett would come in and he'd go like Jethro wants Bill nother. She meant pond, you know, they've go. How can we help you know, like? They didn't go buzz off getting line. They had clients that Mr. Drysdale. Drysdale understood the difference between jed clampett, and the nice matronly schoolteacher who made eleven thousand.

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