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He is the co founder and CEO of what would you say is the kind of the emotional roller coaster that you ride as you're trying to get the business off the ground and and dealing with partners and all of that I mean I was super super blast you know with the with the three other co founders I have we are we all have kind of our our unique skill sets we all have the lane that we kind of marching run in but yet we overlap in a way that makes it so that we all kind of contextually understand what the other person was working on but always respected their level of expertise in that one area so we didn't really step on each other's toes a whole lot at the end of the day I think as it relates to whether you're finding founders or early employees and and even employees as you scale setting setting or kind of core values and and the things that you as a person care about and what are the things you want to hold integrity you know and and ethically how do you make decisions related to business and the four of us just happen to be really aligned I'm wanting to always do the right thing by the customer and by our other team members and putting ourselves last in that equation and I think that that's what really helped us commit Jalen and was really worked incredibly well together as a over the five minutes almost six years now and I remember in right that your dad was an entrepreneur that's right what did you learn from him I learned kind of the the hustle in the drive you know when my dad was starting his company I think I was probably five so is really early on and I think through kind of just general osmosis of being you know around in that situation and being serious and my dad got us involved in things like photo shoots anyhow how does help them pack of samples for trade shows and watching kind of the the the early stage kind of like hustle and grind that he would do you know it's it's funny because you know we went out to raise some capital and my dad was like I just save five thousand dollars and worked in the basement of our house so it's a different I think age in which people are starting businesses we expect things to happen much faster and use capital the kind of shorten the time horizon but you he built his business over thirty five years and I think the the respect that I have for somebody who just like slowly kind of chips away and kind of that level of determination I think I got a lot of that and kind of never really giving up the matter you know what challenges facing on that note what would you say are maybe three top characteristics entrepreneur needs yeah first I always stays focused you know it which is kind of counter to what an entrepreneur is right now because I'm not sure I think what do you think well I think an entrepreneur walks around the you know the world you know with eyes wide open constantly questioning how things can be done better right you know this is annoying how can I fix that right you're you're always trying to fix things I've just recently you see a problem you want to solve it whether it's by creating a business or creating a product or service or whatever to make your life easier by that once you kind of hone in on an idea focusing in on just that one thing and and really taking you know and kind of putting the blinders on and really kind of quieting the outside noise and just remaining super focused I've seen it happen I would myself you know we started with socks and then a month later I was like let's do wonder where it went to structure to let's do she shirts and I've had so many mentors along the way that it reminded me that the best businesses that we look to you know the nineties the under armors lululemon your toms shoes they all started with one product and you know spends years just getting the message out about that one product and why it was so great and then once they were big enough state earns the right to then start to expand into other product categories that once I kind of help absorb that I really realized oh wow like we have a really long runway we gotta tell one story you know consistently to the customer you know and that there's you know plenty of customers and people out there that don't know who we are you even as a business today were and you know we're six years in our business you know over a hundred million of revenue and you still got to realize that there are plenty of people in this country who still have no idea who we are and so by staying focused and being you're just telling the same story over and over and over again and becoming expert at one thing rather than being mediocre at a bunch of things so this one focuses one another to again I go back to setting core values early on it's a you know it seems business schooling to sit down and kind of right out the things that you know are most important to you but they act as guiding principles you know for how you make decisions but it also is you start to bring in other team members it helps to identify people who are or who you believe you know we believe and similar things as you do but also gives them a set of guard rails by which to make decisions so that as you scale you as the founder the CEO or executive can start to remove yourself away you know give provide more autonomy to your team which ultimately is the key to success in terms of scaling up businesses is not getting pulled into every little thing and and constantly finding ways to delegate information out third one is I think particularly in in terms of consumer you gotta have you've got to be super product in super customer focused you know if you don't have a good product and you don't treat the customer well it's going to be a massive up hill battle I think people think you know hello I'm just gonna I'm gonna create a toothbrush company that's going to donate a toothbrush to you know like from a social construct I think that's the one thing but if you have a bad tooth brush the customer might try it once because you've got this mission but they'll never come back so really has to start with having a really good and identifiable product and then again there's no there's no room in this digital age with the amount of reviews and stuff that are available to not always treat the customer you know at the highest within your organization last question for you is just in general knowing what you know from a failed business.

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