Trevor Bickford, Wells Maine, Joint Terrorism Task Force discussed on Fox News Sunday


Sent three officers to the hospital on New Year's Eve, authorities identified the suspect as a 19 year old main resident with no criminal history. Trevor bickford of wells Maine and his authorities are saying that he doesn't have a criminal history, but he was known to law enforcement because of his social media posting the FBI and joint terrorism task force are looking into a possible terrorist link based on the suspect's social media posts, three officers were approached by the suspect Saturday night and attacked with the machete, one of the officers fired his weapon and wounded the suspect in the shoulder, the injured officers were also being treated for their injuries and are expected to recover. The first Gen Z member elected to Congress is preparing to be sworn in, appearing on ABC's this week representative elect Maxwell frost talked about what he wants to accomplish. The Florida Democrat said he hopes to never lose sight of his north star and pointed causes like combating the climate crisis and ending gun violence. However, one thing the young Republican is struggling with is finding an affordable apartment in Washington, D.C., frost said he might have to couch surf for a little bit. National weather service officials are urging residents in the area of Wilton, California to evacuate due to record flooding, a local state of emergency also issued due to widespread flooding and levee overtopping. I'm Dina kodiak. MGM Resorts is selling the property where the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history took place. Scott Carr has more. MGM said Friday it had closed on the sale of the 15 acres so called village property on the Vegas strip, wherein 2017 gunman Steven panic opened fire from a hotel room killing 58 people attending the route 91 harvest festival. Badly injuring scores of others.

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