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It's like really Domino's. I thought we were going to a Venetian hour. See, I thought there was going to be a chocolate brown. 82 or Ranch Fountain, I would take for pizza, dessert for pizza. You order Domino's. Okay. I guess Maryland. I'm telling you something. Yeah, this was a big family reunion. You know, what whole thing was fake? Well, I think everything was fake. This is there in this big giant room. There's like, no one. We don't know there. I know. I'm walking around in these fancy off in the middle of the day. Yeah, the lights on. There's no food. Yeah. I know there's no snacks, there's no food. There's no food. So they can't nasties for pizza and Venetian. Our yeah, that's true. I was asking. You should never happen Phoenician. Never happens. It's all pizza. So Andre, again, very Chuck Centric. He just doesn't want Chuck to be mad. He's just trying, they're talking about how he spilt wine on his shirt off. I'm just like, no, leave him alone. Don't make him feel bad about himself. I like the way he's acting. So now the men are going to go play foosball. I also, I, I don't remember his name of Thomas birth. He's so nice. I like him. Thomas is super nice. Yeah, so they go upstairs are going to play foosball and Aunt, nasty zadok. Yeah we don't like it nasty. No dessert yuck is this Phoenician our what is this? Pizza pizza in Maryland, gross. I mean, at least have a blue crab boil. Okay. Yeah, right. Just throw it on the table, put some newspaper down, some corn and potatoes potatoes. Say so they're playing foosball and then Thomas, Andrew and Chuck, Chuck home. And I almost had a sewailo. Yeah. So today. So they're laughing, right? And this is where I see. So Chuck's a little drunk Ipoh. He is drunk off Charlie. Why? The way he's speaking everything he is Charlie Charlie. I just think there's just drunks Charlie. Charlie is the future of Charlie. Okay. So they're talking about business now. So again this has to be, this isn't real, he wouldn't have brought this up. Like hello, I have an investment property. Let's partner house. We're going to talk you're going to have 50% of this house. So now Thomas goes down stairs in his like, little guys. That's why this is not real, right? Because he is the one that's always defending, Andre, boss, and he's like your dad just told Andre that he's going to get 50%. So Jen storms upstairs, she flips out. Now all the sisters are blaming Andre and then Becky's yelling back but this isn't even convincing right. I know I know. Libby's yelling but it's not convincing, but they're yelling but they're not yelling with emotion right there. Young girls were for a fact. Yes, they're not going to get a spin-off either way. I'm not going to watch it. I probably I didn't watch the family Chantel either, I can't do that. Yeah. Well they're all. So now Chuck pretends to yell, I love how he tries to come back in the room. He whistles, no one listens to him to have nobody respects him though. Now in respect he's Charlie. I guess I don't know Charlie's a bad human being. He's the worst Charlie definitely like drinks so much. He vomit. Wow, where is so bad. Yeah, about the time. Yes, I know Wednesday afternoon..

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