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Hey wanna have sex with celebrity. Oh okay yeah sure Let me get a piece of paper and pen to sign right here. It's mojo in the morning. Show this pretty well. As checking this out on buzzfeed wanna have sex with the celeb- sign an nda. Would that be weird. If you madam celebrity like say yano Some artists that was coming to town playing a concert. And you got a chance to actually go backstage and meet them and he took a liking to you or she took a liking to you. Does he might female celebrities ever invite guys back to their places. It's usually just the the males that do this. Or maybe i'm wrong in this. Is amy ever celebrity. Call us but buzzfeed. Has this story about how this girl actually was offered on a a formal letter head to sign a nondisclosure agreement before she was able to mess around with the The celebrity as a way to protect himself so that he didn't do any Get any lawsuits coming. His way produce before i actually crazy. I'm reading this article because you sent it to olive iced. Just like how. It's they have like copies of copies of these official. Nda's with like legal letterhead on them that they're handing out. I actually think that one of the ways or one of the celebrity encounters that Turned out to be one of the starts to this. Was you guys. Remember way back when when the late kobe. Bryant was accused of of raping that girl in colorado Some you know some. He claimed it was consensual. She said that she was raped and a lot of celebrities after that happen. Started saying that They have had false accusations that were made their way and they wanted to protect themselves so one of the things that they would do is they would actually videotape on their phone. Which in many cases you know. You can't always go by that because who knows that the person's under the influence when they're being videotaped you know grand to the sexual encounter. I think there's a videotape. You don't mean to act you mean days beforehand record their consent. Yeah that i'm here in amount. Free will and i'm interested in i think the nba's to could actually Become not legal to if you said that you were drugged or something. It's still a hazy situation. That could probably be challenged in court but it does lay another level protection. And say hey. I was attempting in my best regards to in if once. You sign something if you're not in the right mind. It's not always on the person who handed to you could be anew for being in that situation and signing a legal document. They're talking about how i guess charlie sheen used to have precepts nda's with Women that he would be with in one of his biggest reasons was worried about them cheating on him. He worried about or Claiming that he did something wrong he worried about them just talking about him bring it. He didn't like his business. Talked about because of You know that would. He wanna have like bad reputation. Watch real housewives Of lena kandi burruss always talks about how her and her husband todd..

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