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Ghost. That's disneyland only the graveyard the hitchhiker's and then finally farewell from little liotta <hes> that's it. That's her hatbox goes. We mentioned he came back in two thousand fifteen that was for the sixtieth anniversary of disneyland so that was a special nothing more on that. The main voice of the singing bustling graveyard is belongs to throw ravenscroft who was the voice of tony the tiger and also sang. You're a mean one. Mr grinch is correct that was him and then the madame liotta inside the crystal ball the disembodied somebody had inside the crystal ball was the voice of eleanor oddly who was also the voice of melissa melissa sent in sleeping beauty and the wicked stepmother lady tremaine and then she's has also greenacres. That's supposed to be greenacres is the play so you think about that voice now. That's all i can hear is melissa recent louis. I didn't think of it sooner now. The actress from adam liotta was liotta tombs which is a great name. She was also in the near and then when they needed to record new footage for the holiday layover. They recorded her daughter. Oh that's neat and that illusion itself is very very cool. Inside the ball is like three d. bust of the head and onto it is projected the animation this is a similar effect it to the ghosts in the graveyard singing the song and then the the whole bus as well the bus different room a bus to different one because those when you first pass the portraits and you see the four or five <hes> bus that follows the tech behind that is it's not a bust. It's a concave bus so it's the inverse of what you think of boss would be which is why they're able to follow. You still super creepy to me now. One of the biggest illusions in the whole ride is there's something called pepper's ghost. This is in the ballroom. When you see the ghost dancing eating dinner having a dual. It's affected us in any different rights <music> absolutely so this is achieved by a projection that is onto a plate of glass and then that reverse projection is than what you end up seeing the ballroom itself so if you think about it spoiler alert if you're going along your car below you is where the animatronic truly are that projection is what you see as you go pass and the same thing with tower terror when the the the the candelabras floating in the air. It's all peppers. Go all the all the occupants of the elevator. Thank thank you to john. Henry pepper pepper's ghost go this effect is also used in the universal parks in escape from grits and 'and fast and the furious supercharged firmly which if we have never mentioned the acting stellar family you talked about about the singing busts and the voices for that now the hitchhiking ghosts at the end of the ride this also use pepper's ghost but in reverse so when you you pass by you actually pass by a wall of mirrors and so the game you are you are reflected in the mir then that's where the production is as well <music> now this was originally going to be a walk through attraction but they saw with with crowd control and flow that would that would never work because that's what i wanna wanna do in the right anyways i want to stop and linger longer to take a look at everything. They abandoned that for the amnon mover system which is what they call their dune buggies the cars ars can rotate in any direction which let's imagine ears control what you see and what you don't see the haunted mansion. Today is still a very popular ride. It's you you can get it with a fast pass. The holiday over continues it closes. This is probably a reason why they can't do it. In walt disneyworld it closes in mid august for for a few weeks some holiday over going yeah and then in early. January closes again to restore it to its regular state now in disneyland. They have a pipe organ. That's actually in there in his <hes>. In the ballroom scene. It's the same organ that's used by james mason and captain nemo and disney's twenty twenty thousand leagues under the sea very cool my favorite parts yeah the prop was modified to use them haunted mansion the organs in other versions of the ride our original replicas because i love watching the notes float up the original and then what else you have the phantom manor in paris is a reimagined version of the ride ride totally different architecture and the plot is totally different. It uses a western plot to fit in with the rest of the land steaming mystic manor over at hong kong disneyland land does not reference any departed spirits or the afterlife because of differences in traditional chinese culture interesting yeah so you get instead the main character after is lord henry mystic and his monkey albert okay. They stumble upon. I think it's like a chester necklace that makes the house objects come to life. Free-trader score by danny. Alvin loved any open. Don't do you know that there is a pet cemetery. Metairie located outside of both disneyland and walt disneyworld indeed and a walt disneyworld one can see tombstone for j thaddeus toad the a hero of the parks long-gone attraction mister toad wild ride. I never noticed that before to look for that next time now in popular culture this was made into a film with very little money the founding to in the ride they took a lot of original ideas says but started eddie murphy in two thousand three and in the movie you had master gracey. You had a madame liotta. You had not not too much else that was from the right itself which was very sad but you did have the the the bus that sank there was a scene with that there was a planned revisiting from <unk> director guillermo del toro but this project is currently up in the air because he left the deal <hes> so that it's probably not going to have wasn't there rumor. Actually being very serious wasn't a rumor rumer at one time. The one of the singing busts was actually well. There's one that looks a lot like him has a very small mustache do so yeah there was a comic book anthology created by i slave labor graphics in two thousand and five and there's also a comic line from marvel comics based on the ride. There was a hard mansion video game released in two thousand three the and the mansion itself is the final level in epic mickey which is very popular video game madame liotta appeared on the a._b._c. show once upon a time which was the combination of all the fairytale characters and then this is the weirdest one there naked ladies performed a cover of grim grinning goes on a nineteen ninety-six album disney's music department notes.

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