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Positive. The Koven 19 pandemic could lead to a shift in the political landscape in the U. S Senate in which party controls the chamber. Come November. I asked USA Today Washington bureau chief Susan Page on Skype. How the pandemic factors into the possible shift. If we had talked on January 1st, we would have said hard to see how the Democrats get All the seats they need to get a net gain of three or four to control the Senate. Now that looks entirely possible. We've seen the prospects for nine of the Republican senators who are running for re election get worse since January on Ly to of the Democratic held seats are competitive, and this is because In large part because of covert 19. For one thing, Koven, 19 has hurt President Trump and we know that Senate candidates really depend on the top of the ticket, and there are also some particular races in which Cove in 19 has played. A big role in a way that has hurt the Republican incumbent. Let's talk about a couple of those. What are people focused on here? Which states Aaron play? You know, you look at Montana that was a state that's a red state. Steve Bullock, the governor decided to ride it was still the Republican incumbent senator still ahead, Steve Daines. Then Coburn, 19 happens and the governor Gets all this attention as governors have gotten during this pandemic, and he gets credit for doing a pretty good job. And now that race is tied, or you look at North Carolina now we knew that was going to be a close race. Tom, tell us The Republican incumbent. Democrats are now making an issue of the fact that when he was the speaker of the State House, he blocked Medicaid expansion. And at this moment, with so many Americans losing their health care coverage, that is an issue that Democrats think hurts. Tom, tell us So talk a little bit about President Trump's leadership on this issue as a factor in the outcome. What are you hearing? What are people saying about where this is going to take the Senate? You know if you want to look at how much the presidential race affects Senate races look at what happened in 2016 in 2016 every Senate race was won. By the candidate of the same party that carried it in the presidential race. A perfect match. It matters a lot how the top of the ticket does, And we know from national polling from statewide polling that President Trump has seen his approval rating decline and is losing in a Siri's of matchups with Joe Biden both nationally and in some of these key states. How important is money during this time of the pandemic very important and will no more midnight tonight NBC reports to do for the second quarter. We've seen some of the Democratic reports. They're pretty good. We haven't seen some of the Republican reports and we think that's because they're not going to be as good as the Democrats. Money matters when you need TV ads because you can't do big campaign rally. Use a today Washington bureau.

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