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The Bloomberg business for work world headquarters on Charlie Pallett stocks resuming a push higher after briefly dipping into negative territory when reports several leading experimental coronavirus struck me by Gillian performed poorly in the tests Gillian shares down now by three point three percent the Dow the S. and P. nasdaq all showing green on my screen with the S. and P. up now by twelve points that's a gain of five tenths of one percent as stack up forty three also up five tenths of one percent the Dow up one hundred seventy two points up seven tenths of one percent the ten year up five thirty seconds he'll point six oh percent gold up nine ten seventeen twenty nine Beyonce West Texas intermediate crude at seventeen dollars a barrel right now up three dollars twenty five cents higher by twenty three point six percent on Charlie politics that's a Bloomberg business slash all right Charlie thank you so much you are listening to Bloomberg business week and you know Carol when we map out our show there's some moments that I look forward to just as a way to sit back sort of rest into the show I just talked to a really smart person and I know this is that moment Joe Nocera let Joe Nocera one of my favorite books been reading and stuff for years and now listening to the dulcet sound of his voice because we really I want you guys to take a rest and let me talk really.

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