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The more you earn the more you'll like having a money market account with Andreas federal credit union your membership is only a moment away Dave delta IW traffic All right we're joined once again by storm team four meteorologist Matt Ritter and we're thinking about Sunday Yeah we're going to get some wintry weather It looks like again but it's not going to be all snow Nonetheless it looks like it's going to be a moderate to high impact event with treacherous travel Sunday afternoon and evening is getting cold right now behind the coal front that went through at lunchtime Skye's will stay mostly clear the rest of the evening into overnight tonight and temperatures will continue to drop all the way down to the mid teens to low 20s for tonight and will have blustery winds giving us wind chills in the single digits It'll be windy tomorrow morning Winslow subside during the afternoon And we'll see increasing clouds highs will only be in the upper 20s to mid 30s So only a few spots will even thaw out just a little bit It will be going down into the teens Saturday night That ensures the ground will be frozen for Sunday when the event starts In the early afternoon when the winter warm winter storm watch begins we'll start to get some snow It'll stick immediately but heavy at times period will mostly be about three to 8 p.m. when we could get several inches of very quick accumulations making for some of that treacherous travel Then especially east of U.S. 15 warm air aloft will start to change the snow into raindrops that freeze on contact That's freezing rain And we may have to deal with that icy glaze for several hours before temperatures themselves at the ground start to warm up and we change over to plain rain overnights All told we're looking at about two to 5 inches in most of the listening area west of I 95 to U.S. 15 A lot of that will be difficult to verify when you measure it because it's going to get knocked down by so much freezing rain and plain rain Out towards I 81 areas like Winchester all the way up into northern loudoun county and northern Maryland will likely stay all snow and they're looking at the high end of that two to 5 inch range At any rate temperatures will continue to rise to almost 40° Sunday Night Then Monday morning all rain and snow whatsoever is happening will be ending as flurries and temperatures start to get colder again 38° and gay this Burke 40 and Fredericksburg and his 41 right now at Washington Regan national All right and it's all brought to you by new look home design call now for a free same day roofing estimate visit new lacombe design dot com.

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