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Scanner thermometer weather center. Some somedays even iron Mike rusty turned blue in you can use nine greasy penetrating formula down deep for big time comfort, and more importantly, it doesn't leave me snowing. Works fast and more stack. This report is sponsored by blue EMU fog developing overnight tonight, a low of twenty five patchy fog in the morning tomorrow. Then sunny skies, a high of fifty five a seventy percent chance for snow showers on Wednesday, a high of thirty three. Opposing withdrawal line. Lisa lacerra, Fox News. The Republican controlled Senate breaking ranks with President Trump voting. Seventy two twenty-six against a quick withdrawal of US troops in Syria. Syrian state TV claims the US led coalition struck a Syrian military post over the weekend Syrian say the strike caused significant damage and injured two soldiers while the US led coalition confirmed the action but said it was conducted in self-defense currently the international coalition in Syria is laying down cover for local fighters who are targeting the final pocket of ISIS militants near the city of backhoes reports indicate that many ISIS fighters are using civilians as human shields as they tried to escape or hold their last bit of territory from Kurdish forces. Meanwhile, the Kurds are concerned that with ISIS nearly defeated and the US military planning to leave Syria. The Turkish government could launch a major offensive against them in the northern part of the country. Fox's trae angst in Jerusalem, Virginia Lieutenant. Governor justin. Fairfax speaking out about the controversy surrounding governor. Route north math are racists photo from his nineteen Eighty-four medical school yearbook surface. Young tremendously hurtful to a lot of people again, particularly at this juncture in American history. And in the history of the Commonwealth of Virginia we stand at this intersection of four hundred years since the general assembly first met also four hundred years since the first enslaved Africans were brought here to Virginia in Fairfax is African America as allegation of sexual assault from two thousand four just surfaced against him, which he strongly denies tomorrow. President Trump delivers the state of the union address, South Carolina, Senator Lindsey Graham on what he expects to hear. I think the president will lay out an economic agenda this work to remember the Obama years who wants to go back to that you had high taxes and low growth what's happened in the last two years, we've rebuilt a military. We're about destroy the caliphate on FOX the story with.

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