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Dot Sullivan telling James to sent you downtown Phoenix on another night of protests but interactions between demonstrators and police remain peaceful in the crowd broke up with the eight o'clock state wide curfew began Phoenix police say there were no arrests the aka Teo fire in cave creek is now sixty seven percent contained in those who are still under an evacuation order will be allowed to return home at noon today the fire which began Saturday as per nine hundred eighty acres and has destroyed eight houses crews are battling a wildfire in the superstition wilderness on the ground and by air the eighteen thousand five hundred acre sawtooth fire which was caused by lightning is just eight percent contained the communities of elephant Butte heart tank an angel basin have been evacuated this is that once belonged to tiger king Joe exotic is now the property of his long time rival an Oklahoma judge has awarded the land but not the animals too big cats rights activist Carol bass skins big cat rescue corporation now let's take a check of traffic here Steve Trella one oh one Easton road east of seventh St we have a vehicle fire reported fire crews are on the scene I. ten westbound near varada away there is an accident this all through the road side in an accident fifty ninth Avenue at Maryland you can use fifty First Avenue sixty Bravo five fifty K. FYI this report is sponsored by discover we treat you like you treat you get your free credit score card today even if you're not a discover.

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