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US State Department is ordering a lot of Americans to get out of Iraq right away. Some other countries are going, what are you talking about traffic and weather together on the ace NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. Eighteen downtown Dallas on the ramp from eastbound Woodall Rodgers northbound seventy five we still have that stall big rig right lane is blocked. That's going to have you sewing back to thirty five in the colony northbound one Twenty-one Sam Rayburn near Josie main gonna find an accident the left lane starting to slow things there. Southbound one Twenty-one from legacy to main you're gonna find midday roadwork blocking the left lane John Wolf looking at roadwork delays heading into southlake westbound one fourteen just before dove roadwork locks the two right lanes in as traffic. Slow back pass web, excuse me. White chapel southeast Fort Worth westbound forty East Bay twenty vet accidents all off on the right shoulder. Now, it is unwelcome from two eighty seven to good news up into bed produce, one Twenty-one before mid cities left lane roadwork has traffic slow from Bedford road, and that's actually improve it. If you're out on the road, and you see a problem, maybe midday roadwork. We haven't mentioned give us a call on the Carol de traffic tip hotline that number is two one four two nine hundred eighty two. And four two one nine ten eighty. I'm Joyce Nielsen your next report at eleven twenty eight and breaking traffic alerts when they happen. Well, it's the middle of may in North Texas, and we have to deal with severe weather from time to time. No sivy weather in your forecast today through Friday, but Saturday a different story. Mid eighties today tomorrow and Friday with.

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