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Is a look at the nineteen ninety seven ninety eight Chicago Bulls this was a team that had won five world championships and the last dance refers to their last season together Phil Jackson was under a one year contract Michael Jordan Scottie Pippen Dennis Rodman and the front office that there were some riffs going on there was a rift between the front office the coaches the players yet somehow how are they able to pull it all together they invited a film crew for full access to the team in nineteen ninety seven that's how I'll set it up and the you can just to watch it on ESPN I don't I'm actually not sure when the next episode airs episodes one and two were last I left no doubt that Michael Jordan is not only the greatest basketball player of all time he is the greatest athlete in team sports in my opinion in the history of team sports and maybe a close second is Wayne Gretzky who is optimistic the NHL will be able to resume at some point this summer he tells the AP is hopeful that all sports will be able to come back from the corona virus pandemic and serve as a sign the conditions are improving grass he says he believes leaders in the U. S. and Canada will find a way to bring back hockey and other sports in June July and August I chatted with Jim Nance the voice of CBS sports last week about that topic and he said I do I do hope and and pray that that we can bring some sports back to America's living rooms that is new freshmen live and meaningful and maybe maybe it'll be the summer I'm hoping so what about baseball cardinals manager Mike shields with me yesterday said he recently met along with twenty nine other big league skippers with baseball commissioner rob Manfred had been speaking to some of the commissioner's office you know off and on for the last you know several weeks and no there's not a whole lot appeal I can and not being able to share just doesn't mean that we're holding back some some plan on their way to stay instead of thinking about you know this scenario that scenario with this what if the thing that I can probably stay with with reasonable conviction.

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