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In ninety six i was graphics knob so there was no way i could be hot for poly gone come on your days think thing here we're talking about the symbiosis between movies in games it's in the title right raider what china will the 80s wouldn't want to be indiana jones i mean the are obviously cribbing from one of the most popular movies from our childhood and now they have the graphics we can actually play i mean when atari 2600 put out raiders have lost arc it was a disaster but finally ten years later they could make a game that was worthy a comparisons to raiders of the lost ark and indiana jones yeah i think one of the big things that we're seeing years because of this time jumper experiencing is that this is the first game that we're experiencing that i think might have been story boarded the some degree in at least workshop somebody sat down and developed the idea of a character and what they're going to be doing any movie in game we've done before this i feel like it was flying by the sea their pants and cut a making a go oh as they were going yeah i mean in streetfighter it was very hodge podge schenn mario didn't really have a story and yes this one the very first one had cut scenes i think the definition of when movies influence games as when cut scenes came into play that haven't even back in the nintendo but here you have the full motion ones and their scenes where plot developments happened and then you take control of the character again the developers claim that they knew they wanted to raider but they didn't think they were going indiana jones at first it wasn't until they were deep into the game that they decided to do it and lara croft was going to be a man they wanted to do it where you could pick your character you could play as a guy plays a girl remember you did that in resident evil it was the thing to do and they realized hey if we do that we have to make double the cut scenes do double the voice work so we're just going to do one they decided to keep the woman because according to the developer.

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