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He was once described is looking like a lot history instead of making it i was there understood used say where the saints option and he did not saying how he could be an effective leader for if there was one for him when when you know for everybody else i don't think guys are really he was born for a long time him in your scouts texas his minute parents david tonight in both tv born a girl the during a violent underscore you'd like david eyes in our it is and treated to the world in dennis texans on october fourteenth eighteen ninety he was always a kansas referred abilene all the time david struggle to support a family of five in the ten dollars a week is a real wrote engine wife one dwight was a little over year old the family returned to america's first out abilene cans carlo just days a historian who's read one of eyes now hours most to claim biography tell me about his childhood i he was born in poverty he realize that if he was going to succeed in this world he was going to have to not only work hard probably work harder than the next schein his mother with was the back bone of the ice in the family of the father was a little on the saw one side never set much this is the house in which david in either raised their six it's no part of the eyes no presidential library and heavily where did the whole is with director the six boys you know that healthy just remarkable they were very rambunctious they've fought they argued i can a great temper winners one story where he got so angry he went out this against a tree until they begin bloody he as a child had a great deal of difficulty in learning to control his temper in this is i portrait of america susan eyes now or learned a lot about her grandfather summer grand muff he had a number of strategies for managing his temper one.

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