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Right now my face on the soon coal is like. The Cowboys Stadium back in the day when the sunshine be covering up half of the food, my face is right now. I gotTa tell you what again I'm looking over your shoulder. You've got you've got gotTA skylight. Their first of all you up in an attic I'll fucking hot. That is high in the skylight with the sun beaming through Okay, YOU'RE GONNA. You're going to cauterize your back. Hairs Steve Okay. That's going to happen. It's like an ARC wealth. Get a frequency. Get a guy okay. You've done it before. Get a Guy Okay we'll. We'll talk about. Put a blind in their Stephen Okay. There's a blind. Off Your fucking wallet and put a blind on when I got this thing to I got one right in front of me, so look at these crazy. This and take this thing down. Based Bath Towel over the skylight here Yup. It's a terrible idea you remind me. About Towel and a curtain? Did you ever have stevie. Did you ever have roommates? Yeah briefly. Because my my place every once in a while, it reminds me of being a being. Bachelor, way back in my day and in my twenty s living with my roommate and. The Shit that we had. If you looked at our place, you're like. What is this a hostile? Guys. Like, there was a match. Okay. There are two bedrooms. There was a match us on the floor. We both love to lounge in the couch, so we went out and bought. Or found two giant couches. Okay, that barely fit into the living room. And people look at. They're eight people live here. Know each have to ever own couch. You couldn't use to hide at the end of the month because we have the pair apparent so we used to. The lady be knocking at the door, you know this German ladies. Sydney read. German Steve Okay and June pins in Renton okay, and we would just hide. We would hide and I was near his room, and the door knock, and I just dove into bed with him okay. All right I dove into bed because they couldn't get back to my room and the door was oh. I knew the door was unlocked. And so I'm in bed with the covers up neck and she walks in okay and do us. To bruning. I'll tell you what. Stevie got us a lot of a lot of breath on paying the rent. We've got a lot of room after that I'm paying the rent but I saw on social media today to assist meant to be a Cova joke. Gross me out. It was like this is how rednecks. Handle covid so two guys, and they're both in their. They're both hammered passed out on an old mattress. And they're they're just down to their not boxers this down of their briefs. And One guy is using the other guys briefs the back of them as a mask. All know could get his head. Oh no and his nose, inhaling the back of the underwears. Oh my God, it's just disgusting I didn't even know why I brought that up. Gross Story I. Apologize, So let's story. That's a little more topical and less gross. Although those who have been saying baseball shouldn't be trying to do. This might suggest it's gross. How about the Miami? Marlins were less than a week into baseball comeback back. And the Miami Marlins have as many as fourteen people around the team with the team who reportedly tested positive and as a result we've had two major league baseball games that have had to be postponed as the marlins deal with this as their future opponents deal with this and I. Guess, it's let's see here for fourteen and four players got positive test results during the team's trip to Philadelphia so games in Philadelphia. Yankees are supposed to play the phillies now that next game is going to be postponed I'm not sure how many are going to be postponed in all. It started. It has started very badly for Major League baseball in terms of trying to keep a coveted bay. Here's the thing Steve Okay. Here's the thing if you had to when when covert hit. Okay and took everyone by storm and it was frightening. Justifiably right it was. This thing what are we up against pandemic US being thrown around? It's going GONNA. It's going to kill. People which it has, you know it's going to affect our elderly. The most vulnerable sick people smokers like myself if you're over fifty. So the the main thing Steve Out of all of that where people. And this is where leaders can really rise to the occasion in times of strife. And, the big thing that came out of it Steve was you. Can't you gotTA Social Distance Right? If you had to pick one thing, Stephen, they said what are you? What are you supposed to do to prevent getting the virus Kovin everyone would say social distance and the next one would be wearing masks. Okay, yeah, let's be the two things now. There's probably a long list of. Of other things that you shouldn't be doing okay, but they're secondary to these two main things. Okay, so number one is social distancing. That's the deal. That's what I got right away. Isolation Steve You know I lived in my house for two months by myself which I do anyway, but and I didn't go out. You know how fucked up I was from it and didn't leave and. So because I was fearful. Those are the two things you need to go outside of the house. Don't do it, okay. Do not get around people and social distance six feet. So what happens is things like sports gets cancelled right away. GOING TO CHURCH SCHOOL. Shut down all the stuff where they go. Okay, these are the big ones here. These are the granddaddy's that we gotTa Stop Okay to prevent this thing. How Sports Okay House sports thinks okay. We got a social distancing wear masks. Let's the Games back on. Okay. Let's bring up contact sports. Let's do that. How hockey is going to do this I have no idea and baseball. Catcher umpire batter, right there. Guy I saw the games this week. Already the three games that I've seen the three days of baseball. Fun consider beside each other pitchers or sitting on top of each other in the dugout. Like. I say you're at Bat, and it's just like the number. One thing to do is social distant. How can you possibly think that sports is okay that we don't? Were you know there's this automatic social distancing sports right stupid? Steve Stupid Honesty signed on opening day I. Forget who it was, but a guy gets a single..

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