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Jay goes fistfight i you go sort of a bitch i'm an honest man my right though this ponytail j j docusign when i first met you it was for sure pony i'm putting my arm in a compression chamber and i'm gonna lose all feeling in it let's go let's do this i would i would not want the peace yeah yeah yeah sure never met him but last year todd was always like that thing where he'd like you like walk into a club and he was like wow you hear you suck like you shouldn't be our last time i saw him he was like he he had gone blind and he's still had the arm had a cane to us mel the smell is act as he walked in he was blind still had the one arm and is holding a cane with his good arm it was the saddest thing ever and i went and you know he had been like in the hospital for a while and i went over i was like hey todd how are you man and he goes who's that and i was like it's dave and he goes dave smith you stink and i just remember being like i still keep it out corey s mother fucker joke you she over you're going down a staircase over here saddest and most the door able thing like he was just committing to it on the way i well if it is it dave smith you bitch ass motherfucker don't know how to be funny ever since he left indy.

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