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The gill terry makes we know. This rule is a fair. Compromise is in the best interest of the industry and it just feels like this was so much more orderly and professional terms of the way it was addressed and being inclusive than fared. Everybody those that are riding horses for a living. Yeah important to have them involved so good. Good job i think. Everybody seems pleased. Everybody seemed pleased with their purchases. And the way things went For the most part at santa anita yesterday the sale to wrap up the two year. Old's your top knocked down two hundred fifty thousand for a tis now philly bred by tolo thoroughbreds and art tanaka bike racing consigned and spendthrift bought. Two fifty west point went to one. Fifty five for the mcclain's music philly. That was the second highest price. This was Meribel product consigned by mccarthy bloodstock and the top colt hundred and fifty thousand From a coffee pot mayor street boss Out of parading lady havens bloodstock consigned and peter miller bought so that was The top line results. And i'm just looking for totals not that There's that much to compare it to You know you heard. When boyd was with us on tuesday you heard boyd was and he was quoted as saying uses a little disappointed about the size of the offerings etc But i think they're you know as he said he committed to california china gird things up so there you go to your two year old in training sale season officially over now right Couple of other notes stick powell's gonna join us actually in case. Why don't we reach for dick. Get him in here. providing. Some some news tidbits as we go It looks like everybody was pretty successful yesterday with their ticket. Inquiries and desires tickets for sarah toga. And and even and even beyond the tickets are our our friend. Susan lucci and a family. They're gonna come up and they were. They were hoping That they could get some information and and the the office despite being fit office customer service despite being buried yesterday they got back in the so well done on that front but as patent mckenna told you yesterday there was just you know not not an easy day to day to call Customer service when tickets go on sale. But i didn't. I didn't see any. I don't think i saw anybody complain about Wait times or you know being turned away etc. So i i can't tell there's just nothing but a eagerness for july sixteenth roll around And also i didn't bring up with. I should have brought up with pat yesterday The meat hasn't even begun and They already they already announced around of A a person increases persons or persons. Are crazy strong Open stakes went from one hundred. One twenty made specials from ninety thousand to one hundred state. Bread went from eighty to eighty five Optional claiming type things Hundred and ten thousand non winners a two hundred and five thousand nine winners a three one hundred and ten thousand nine hundred of two hundred and five hundred and ten one hundred and five and non winners of one hundred three thousand dollars unbelievable state bread non winters two at the forty five level. Run for ninety five thousand dollars and non winners of one other than up to ninety thousand. Unbelievable me really. Strong numbers so outstanding. I want to mention too. I think i hear deck We talked about that That story that that Mardi mcgeehan tomorrow tomorrow. At ten marty had tweeted a couple of tweets about books smith. The guy that had bought those three the three hundred thousand dollar claims on saturday and Beyond burke smith you know jumping in with both feet. He's also enrolled those horses. It's the backside learning center purses for a purpose program which designates percentages of the earnings To the learning center and yeah we talk very often about an house and what it represents ear new york while the backside learning center also a big success story at churchill and provides the same kind of services day care and education services For children of backside workers so good. Luck jeff hiles and We'll have to get marty. You know what marty tomorrow going to put this on the side and we'll let marty Tell you a little bit more about about brooke smith because he apparently is known for a long time and finally You may have seen saw that Read the low. Sold golden bough. The breeders cup juvenile turf sprint winner to coolmore. And and they must have they have made him a a proverbial offer he couldn't refuse. I think they. I think they put a number in front of In front of Read alot. That could not be could not be refused. So hey you gotta take money off the table. Right and low has been. He's been in the game for quite a while so that it doesn't hurt to yeah to pay for a few of the things that don't go right dick powell standing by decca morning. Good morning how you excellent excellent streaking. Streaking toward the mid season break. I just hours away now tomorrow and a couple of hours today I will admit freely to looking forward to being away a week. Oh you got absolutely have to recharge the batteries yellowtail yourself. I just you know you you even though we didn't do as much travel as normal A lot of times we get to this point in the first half of the year. And you know it's partially about getting you know getting fresh for the summer in certainly. Certainly it's going to be an intense summer around here as we've we've been discussing But this let let's. Let's call spe spain. This has been a pretty arduous Triple crown season. Let the let the very very least.

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