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Financial information, political mail. Items related to health concerns in sexual practices are all routinely found in the garbage receptacles Maur wrote the fact that a person has put these items out for pickup. She said, does not suggest an invitation to others to examine them, but local law enforcement officials pooh-poohed the judge's decision. In this particular very unique and very by herself. Judge took a position, no, not in concert with the other judges who had given us instruction by their decisions across the years said Croker. The district district attorney's office agreed invalid to challenge the ruling the question of whether your trash is private might seem academic. It's not your garbage can is like a trap door that opens onto your most intimate secrets. What you toss away is in many ways just as revealing as what you keep and your garbage cans. Just one of the many places where your privacy is being pilfered in the wake of nine, eleven the US government has granted it self far reaching new powers to spy on you from Email to Bank statements to video cameras after much debate, we resolved turn the tables on three of our esteemed public officials. We embarked on an unauthorized sightseeing tour of their garbage to make a point about how invasive a garbage pool really. He is and to highlight the government's ongoing erosion of people's privacy. We chose district attorney Mike shrunk because his office is the most vocal defender of the proposition that your garbage is up for grabs. We chose police chief Mark Croker because he runs the bureau and we chose mayor VERA Katz? Because as police Commissioner, she gives the chief, his marching orders each in his or her own way has endorsed the notion that you abandoned your privacy when you set your trash out on the curb. So we figured they wouldn't mind too much. If we took a peek at there's boy, were we wrong perched in his office on the fifteenth floor of the Justice center, chief Croker seemed perfectly comfortable with the idea of trash as public property things inside your house or to be guarded..

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