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To its community of players and fans the nba is always pushing new boundaries and athleticism style ideas and more. Obviously there are many many many examples of that game on and off the court on the court. Obviously there's steph curry's last second win in the three point contest. That's game lebron. James winning the nba title in his hometown of cleveland. After coming back. From miami. With cleveland down in this series to golden state and then lebron ends up pulling off the comeback in cleveland. That's game off the court many examples as well russell westbrook making the cover of g. q. That's game and donating three thousand meals to houston during their crisis. That's game as well. The road to the nba finals is on. Don't miss a moment. The road to the nba finals continues watch the nba playoffs now. All right time for the weekly train of thought segment as always joined by my buddy from wfan and new york. And as in weiss alicata south has great great to be with you again here as we continue on through the weeks of the summer. Now you must be loving. This hot weather can't step outside for two seconds without swayed me randolph. It's a big problem. He said that the problem is the problem. Is you really. You've got to have a plan like you've got to minimize how much you're going to be outside unless read a pool or beach right and inside you know you. Just stay in the air conditioning. That's you know people say they do all this stuff in the summer. Yeah i stay in front of the. I put it on sixty three and i sit in front of it sixty three. Yes wow temperature. Sometimes at night. I go to sixty two what i got these higher. I will gotta be freezing. I go to sleep. I don't mind it usually for us. It's like sixty eight Emmanuel's pretty cold to me. I sixty three hole. I'm not fooling around my jacket next time. You invite me over for barbecue. In the summer i try to keep like a meat locker in here so obviously the only story anyone cared about. It seemed like over. The weekend was the rachel nichols maria. Taylor brouhaha that the new york times broke. I wrote about it in wednesday's train of thoughts. And what i found. I found a lot of things interesting and i think there's a lot of layers of nuance to it and i don't think it's a pretty straightforward story. But i will say the fact that he is pm thought they would be able to cover it. Up is what. I find amazing because this happened last year and if not for someone leaking into the times last week or whenever nothing would have happened. Rachel nichols this. Espn knew about this. Last year..

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