President Trump, Muriel Bowser, Andrew Cuomo discussed on Mark Levin


AM l. Paso See News Radio I'm Brian shook major stock indexes are doing. Well on the last day. Of trading this week, the Dow Jones industrial average gained a hundred and eleven points to close at twenty five sixty nine President Trump is slamming New York governor Andrew Cuomo on Twitter today he said, his political career, is over after promo said America was never that great in a. Speech this week but despite the backlash Trump says, Cuomo will still probably beat his opponents Cynthia Nixon in the September thirteenth primary judge, TESL us, in the Paul Manafort fraud trial, is under federal protection, Ellis. Said he's received threats while on the case he also isn't releasing the names of jurors as. A precaution DC? Mayor Muriel bowser is taking shots at. President Trump after. The commander in chief cancelled. His military parade Trump tweeted local DC politicians put a. Price tag on his proposed military events or, ridiculously high he had to pull the plug reports on Thursday Claim that the estimated cost of the, parade including tanks helicopters and fighter, jets had ballooned. To ninety two million dollars democrat vows or tweeted in response saying he up. I'm Muriel bowser, mayor of Washington DC the local politician who finally got through to the reality star in the White House with the realities. Twenty one point six million. Dollars of parades events demonstrations and Trump's America parentheses sad Tom Roberts NBC News Radio details on the funeral service. For Retha Franklin are out the, Queen of souls private funeral will be. Held at ten AM on. August, thirty first at greater grace temple in Detroit Franklin's death is putting a spotlight. On pancreatic cancer doctor Mary. Milquet he of northwestern, medicine in Chicago says it's a deadly disease that's tough to treat because people generally don't have symptoms early on most people at the time that this is found it thirty at, a point where, we can't operate either because it's spread or because it is in. A location that's involving blood vessels.

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