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And yet they control of your support of odu over and in particular gaby a gap he is still lifeless i actually i wanna start off with a gaby related question before we go anywhere else because i have been wondering about this for i guess years now and we brought it up in the cold up when we brought it up in the the pattera at the end of last episode does the pelicans statue have an origin or does is just sort of specific to the comic it's cottonweed us through the pelicans touch your wallet doesn't have does her like he does have longlasting ramifications uh it gets a in the bitter next issue of only will reign is the impetus for the beginning of the next story you are going to see it in the future in old man old woman laura and yes so it is incredibly important step should it's not just a statute it's a piece of m i feel so good about his yeah i just read all of the only will bring issues right up his orphans of ax to make sure the refreshing my mind over the last week on before this interview and that pelican statue i'd forgotten how much i loved and i'm happy to hear that is going to gain a larger role um so i should say before we get any further i am uh doing this episode sick and are not very many hours of sleep due to that fact i caught a cold from alien child who crashlanded on roosevelt island it was bad times i'm sure it won't go anywhere worse so apologies if i some kind of weird wait seriously you were on roosevelt that you were in new york and you didn't even tell me why i was very very sick i had to be healed by like dead pool it was kind of strange dick move.

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