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To reach a contract extension or else market. It'll be a restricted free agent after the season. Josh lists NewsRadio 7 81 of 5.9 FM WBBM News time 10 18 traffic and weather together on the eights. Here's Bo to Ram. Not won a major problems on her expressway isn't always right now. Cisco is matter of fact, the Edens on the inbound side is all clear. Just 90 minutes from Lake cooking to the junction. Backed the Kennedy inbound 27 from O'Hare and 17 minutes in from the Edens in of the local names expressed Angel Save You a couple of minutes. The outbound Kennedy is delay free. Eisenhower inbound 33 from around 3 90. It's 20 minutes in from Mannheim on the outbound side of the Ike, we are still seeing some heavy traffic from Central before First Avenue left Lane remains blocked from an earlier crash. Cleanup continues Now some road work schedule in that left lane as well. So it's 26 to Mannheim 39 out to round 3 90. Stevenson on the inbound side. Okay on the outbound side of Stevenson so before Pulaski to Cicero is 33 out of 3 55. The damn right and down 21 minutes from 95th into downtown on the outbound side of the Dan Ryan. Just so approaching 59th in the express lanes right now. 50 seven's Okay. The bishop four days away Free No lakeshore drive issues. At the moment, the tri state tollway in the North Bound side. No major problems South down on the tristate. You're seeing delays out of the hands of places to before the Stevenson with some road work. That is kind of partially blocking the right lane there. The Jane Adams, Reagan and 3 55 Tollway's We're all good with no route 53 issues. I 80 and 80 94 looking good. No, I 65 problems. The Indiana toll road moving at the speed limit is well. Substance Use and Clarendon Hills ready. Three South and really jammed up past Arjun before 55th couple of crashes in this trash, you might wanna use CASS Avenue instead. Next traffic at 10 28 NewsRadio 7 18 1 of five point. None of them have some sunshine in Chicago land. A few lingering clouds is well, but it sure is great to see the sun as we head to a high of 43 degrees. Tomorrow's high 41 degrees..

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