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But I will say that the first one ram saints ended on the most heinous, no call that I've ever seen in my life, and it opened up a whole lot of questions. So what I mean by no call is that the way that the NFL works is that as you're playing a referee might throw a flag. And that means there's a penalty the penalty will affect you'll either lose yardage gain yardage. Depending on what the penalty is. Right. And so what happens is if a defender makes contact with a receiver before the receiver has a fair chance to catch a ball that's called pass interference. And it's a big penalty. It's one of the most severe that. You can take in the game audible version of goaltending. Basically exactly oftentimes what will happen is that a defensive player will intentionally pass interfere interfere of the past. If he knows that he's gotten beat and pass interference could potentially save a touchdown. So this is what happened at the end end of the ram saints game saints where about to be able to run out the clock and kick a last minute field goal, basically winning the game and Gordon the Super Bowl. So this defender commits pass interference blatant pass interference the most blatant. You'll ever saw like he Jack this dude it looked incredibly painful before he had a chance to a ball. So the receiver and the knocks the ball like it was. Yeah, it was like as as the ball is coming like as the ball is in me era that guy decks receiver before you. Haven't is always scout where the guy pulls out the gun and start shooting people as he's. Not quite on that level, not quite but getting there. So no penalty is called and everyone is baffled the refs the announcers are baffled the audience is baffled. I look Twitter everyone is baffled and they just keep playing and eventually. So the saints kick field goal. The Rams get the ball back with two minutes ago. Rams drive down the field. Of course, rance kick field goal, send it to overtime goes to overtime saints. When the coin toss, you think? Okay. Karma Justice Saint should win this game. They just have this game stolen from them. And as they are driving. They're preparing to hit a touchdown. Drew Brees is their quarterback. Throws the ball. It gets tipped in the air. It's under throwing a little bit lens defenders and defender catches it. It's an interception. Rams. Get the ball back. Rams. Dr Rams kickoff. Fifty-seven-year-old your yard field goal. Win. The game games over Rams are going to Super Bowl saints. Not because the same Justice in the and like literally there's there are times like the way that sports work. There will always be times when the referee. Just affect the outcome of a game in some way, or another usually it's a it's kind of like a subtle thing. Or like, you can see how column made have gone one way or another this without a doubt is the worst referee call in NFL history. And it just opens up so many interesting questions about like how much should a referee have the the chance to decide a game like this and on a like just sort of procedural you can do a play review on a call. But you can't do it on a no call. So so, okay. So the way it works in the NFL is that you can you can't review penalties penalties penalties. And this is open. The question of like it's been proposed before that. Because pass interference calls are so important. They should always be review -able, and now that's becoming a conversation again, and probably will be the case..

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