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On the coronavirus from NPR news and you're listening to ninety point three K. AZ you streaming at K. A. Z. U. dot org good afternoon I'm Erika Mahoney NPR special coverage of the corona virus task for task force briefing from the White House has wrapped up we will now return to regular probe programming support for gays you comes from the law firm of Nolan Camberley at T. N. N. Hostetter heated to client focused relationship driven service on the central coast since nineteen twenty eight learn more at NH T. H. dot com and Beaconhouse offering full day and half day outpatient programs for drug and alcohol addiction for Monterey county residents private insurance is accepted more information available at beacon house dot org now for some local corona virus impact updates as of today there are fourteen confirmed cases of covert nineteen among Monterey county residents more than two hundred and seventy people have been tested there are twenty two cases of cove in nineteen in Santa Cruz county Santa Cruz County is asking travelers and residents to avoid beach gatherings during the covert nineteen pandemic support for gays you comes from sweet Elena's bakery and cafe in St city open Monday through Saturday for take out and curbside pickup only plus delivery for large orders Tuesday and Thursday orders by phone three nine three twenty sixty three the time now is for twenty you are tuned to ninety point three K. AZ you we are also streaming A. K. A. Z. U. dot org support for NPR comes from this station and from bona maker of bona hardwood floor cleaner designed to lift and remove dirt and grime to reveal floors natural beauty with water based solutions learn more at bona dot com slash bona clean from ADP from sharing culture through food to giving ideas the perfect soundtrack ADP is focused on helping people achieve what they're working for with HR services informed by data and designed for people and from Americans for the arts from NPR news this is All Things Considered I'm Elsa Chang and I'm ari Shapiro former vice president Joe Biden spoke out today on the corona virus epidemic and the tax the many hopes to replace in the White House Donald Trump is not to blame for the corona virus but he does bear responsibility for our response and I along with every American hope he steps up and starts to get this right the speech is part of Biden's new effort to get his message before voters and remain visible since campaign rallies are on hold for the foreseeable future NPR political correspondent Asma holidays covering the campaign and.

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