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It was like some part of me recognize my destined vacation long before I even knew what a writer was. By the time I was in the first grade. I had set up a writing desk on a little table. My grandfather had made a push the table against the wall beneath the clothes inside the closet. I shared with my younger sister so that I would have some privacy. Then I set it up with my tiny collection of children's books a jar full of pencils and a half. You Spiral NOTEPAD for my dad's carpentry shop. I don't remember what stories are right but I do recall that this was precious real estate. I defended it against my sister's pilfering in nosiness she-bear. Interestingly except for the little bit I in high school and college lit classes. Poetry didn't interest me in the least I graduated from. Unc with a degree in journalism then worked in public relations in wrote advertising copy for a while but it wasn't until I discovered some contemporary poets at Church Wendell Berry Naomi Shehab Mary Oliver John Donahue that I fell in love with the form still. It was another ten years before I wrote my first one. I had been writing essays and short reflection pieces for awhile then one day. The writing took his term. What I thought would be short. Meditation had spontaneously morphed into a poem. Since then I've worked with many wonderful poetry teachers and mentors people who've shown me how to shape and refine my intuitive ramblings into a few pieces that might qualify Israel. One of the reasons I love riding forms particularly acrostic. Poems is because the form allows me to make connections between two or more seemingly separate ideas or objects or people or things. When I ride a porn I start off by making sort of stream of consciousness like associations mushed away memory works then. I make a shift toward clarifying this connections as I do this. I almost always learn something or realized something. I didn't know before I started the work. The writing takes me deeper into my own experience in the deeper. Go into my experience. The deeper I go into the collective experience of all human beings touching the collective human experience is essential for all of us especially during these surreal. Frankly quite frightening times in which we're living. Poetry has always performed this function in society and I think we need it now more than ever introduced in the first poem. She's GonNa read today along with the poem itself. The first poem already today isn't a cross stick piece titled Bob and Sue Nineteen Forty. Five it crosses is a style of poetry in which the poet response to a work of our from another form traditionally painting but almost anything goes today. I wrote this poem as response to an old photograph of my grandparents in it. I engage my imagination. Explore both dramatic paradigm shift brought about by the end of world. War Two in some of the intuitions at long. How about my grandparents relationship and the way those relationship patterns repeated in subsequent generations? It was the way these two concepts in the imagery surrounding them. Intersected that gave me the foothold became the poems. Turn it route. This exploration as is true of most writing is part of quest for self discovery. Bobbins nineteen forty five. The war isn't quite ever but my grandfather is home for good. My grandmother shame of it is one of the first warm days of Spring Green Grass leafing trees in love in full blossom. Just look at the two of them. Hope to one. Another like conjoined twins dapper in their Sunday best posing on the bank. It Hillsborough leg the white of my grandfather sure highlighting his out of season Tan Skin bronzed during his Hawaiian tour of duty. He is glowing with law for her. My Grandmother Still Pale from the Long Illinois. Winter has pulled out. Girlish spring Gingham for this occasion. Church Picnic Birthday Party. We don't ask but in this moment they are alone. A double star inside an expanding universe. She nestles the back of her trim body into his Latin. Wrap his arms around her neck and chest. She couldn't get away if she wanted. Just look at the way. He adores or how he presses his nose in loves into the soft flash of her cheek his eyes closed in ecstasy. He breathes her. And he's home she says and she is in this moment. Smiling her beautiful life-giving smile next year. She'll give birth to a baby girl. My mother later a little boy. Decades will fill ballgames in Bologna sandwiches. Saturday night Pinochle Sunday tallies of the first Christian Church collection plate before either of them can blink there will be grandchildren and got cancer in Gulf deep and wide as Mississippi between them but today the bomb grass in a hangar. Far from this field everyone is innocent. No one speaks of RADIATIONS HALF LIFE. The half lives of the heart. What happens when stars collide today? They are simply Bob Ensue listeners. We've got more coming including the poetry journeys and reflections of Kia flow and Shane Minor. Also their first poems followed by a district. Shane Kia Kathy. J and Blues before they adage Chino that At our next episode we. Now we're going to be having our one hundred episode. This was supposed to be a big party Alive event Catava brewing. The virus. Got Away so we couldn't do that. Sometimes when one door closes another opens. And that's what's happened here because Exciting News Having tried some remote podcasting was able to invite And Record Remotely along way. All across the country with author Craig Johnson You may have heard of Craig Johnson. He's in your ties. Bestselling author of the Law Mar Series. The patience for the hit netflix original series long bar. He's recipient of the western writers of America. Spur award for fiction. Novellas spirit of steamboat was the first one book. Wyoming selection he lives in New Cross Wyoming population twenty five. He is a real conversationalist. I think you're gonNA enjoy this episode so tune in next Tuesday for our one hundredth episode with Craig Johnson which also kick off our season six now back to the poetry. Our next guest poet is Kia flow. Here she is talking about her journey as a poet. My journey as a poet and the reason why I love it so much has been nothing short of remarkable and just attests to that. Saying if you put your mind to what you can do it and I I I just originally started because I had written some poems and I wanted to perform them. Get him off my chest if you will Have been going to spoken word. Events a few years prior to so y understood the concept of open mic. That you know you may not necessarily be trying to travel It'd be seen and be known and record videos and do interviews and such. You just have a poll that you want to perform and that's how it was for me and the first performance and the courage meant that. I got I don't know if it was a drug or if it was an a message or an answer or the moment I found my calling if you will but I was hooked and I kept going back. I had a few more poems and with that I started becoming inspired to write more just based off of the things that I went through in life my perspective and I've always been an entertainer if you will And some form of capacity so it only makes sense to create it into a format where.

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